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Louis Vuitton Discontinues Takashi Murakami
LOUIS VUITTON ENDS TAKASHI MURAKAMI COLLECTION ALL GOOD THINGS COME TO AN END… According to Women’s Wear Daily, Louis Vuitton has decided to discontinued the Takashi Murakami Multicolore Collection! This can’t be right! The longest reigning collection of Louis Vuitton has actually come to an end! It was said that the collection was to be cleared from stores by the end of July. Takashi Murakami designs were introduced by Marc Jacobs into the Louis .

Cleaning Your Chanel Lambskin or Caviar Flap Bag

Cleaning Your Chanel Lambskin or Caviar Flap Bag We are all human and sometimes when we’re carrying our Chanel flap bag, we tend to rub up against dirty things, spill our coffee or get our greasy hands on the beautiful lambskin leather. It’s always important to know that you can easily ruin Chanel lambskin leather by staining it, and also by the products you use to clean your bag. Chanel Caviar leather has a .

BAG Battle: Fendi VS. Prada

Fendi vs Prada Handbags Boca Raton
BAG Battle: Fendi VS. Prada   The gloves are on, the heels are high, and the shoulders are ready for their debut! It’s Bag Battle: Prada VS. Fendi and we’re discussing the best everyday bags between these two iconic luxury designer brands. Both Fendi and Prada have surpassed their sleek, professional and structured design handbags for years. Their subtle, mainstream creations have always sought the attention of our fashion world and their reasonably priced .

What Year is My Hermes?

Hermes Date Stamps
What Year is My Hermes?   If you’re an avid handbag collector that we’re sure you know how to decipher the date code of luxury designer handbags such as Chanel, and Louis Vuitton. Have you educated yourself on the date stamps for Hermes handbags and accessories? Each and every luxury designer brand has their own specific serial numbers stamped, stitched, or stuck on with a sticker on each handbag. It’s important for you to .

Patriotic Designer Handbag Style Tips

Patriotic Handbags Boca Raton
Patriotic Designer Handbag Style Tips   Start those grills, pour those Margaritas, light those fireworks, grab your favorite Chanel, Louis Vuitton or Hermes bag, because it’s almost Independence Day! Time to rack out the red, white and blue for your Fourth of July festivities, but first, outfit check! Do you have your denim shorts, aka, daisy dukes? How about those America flag crop top T-shirts? Make sure you grab those comfortable sandals or shoes .

Monday Must Haves: Louis Vuitton Speedy

Monday Must Haves: Louis Vuitton Speedy The Louis Vuitton Speedy is an iconic, chic and timeless handbag that will last forever. A bag that comes in different fabrics, patterns, and sizes, but all serves the same purpose, there’s no wonder it has reigned as one of the most popular handbag models from Louis Vuitton. This Monday we are shinning the spotlight on the Louis Vuitton Speedy bag as a MUST HAVE for every day .

Handbags for the Chic Power Woman

Handbags for the Chic Power Woman We are all hard working women no matter what our job entails. We could fight for our country, teach a class, work in retail, design websites, paint faces, sit in a court room all day, blast off to the moon, or wipe boogers from a child’s face. Whatever your job title may be, you work hard day in and day out to provide for yourself, and your family. .

Top Ten Affordable Resort Handbags

Top 10 Affordable Resort Handbags  The skies are clear, the winds a blowing, and your excitement for a summer vacation has got your palms sweaty and a permanent smile on your face. Packing for a vacation is frustrating no matter how long you’re away. It’s important to make a list of exactly what you’ll need for your trip away from home. You’ve got your outfits, bikinis, a couple pairs of sandals, flats and a .


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Never Pay Full Price for an Hermes Bag

Never Pay Full Price for an Hermes Bag That’s right! We said it! Never pay full price for a Hermes bag! It’s all about buying pre-owned these days, and saving cash in your pocket. Hermes is probably one of a few luxury designer brands that focus on the simplicity, quality and structure of their bags and accessories. Their jewelry stands apart from others with their bold prints and bright colors. Their scarves, made of .