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Investing in Designer Handbags for 2016

Sell designer handbags
Investing in Designer Handbags for 2016 Ok let’s get down to the nitty gritty! Luxury designer handbags can be a great investment for you this year! Twenty sixteen is the year of Monkey which means this is the year for you to be clever with your money, career and wealth, so let’s start by investing! You might think this is crazy, but studies show that buying a luxury designer handbag such as an Hermes Birkin, .

Hermes Birkin May Undergo Name Change

Hermes Birkin May Undergo Name Change   Model, actress and singer Jane Birkin has asked fashion luxury brand Hermes to remove her name from the iconic Birkin bag. After seeing a gruesome video taken by Peta members and images of slaughter and horrific animal cruelty towards crocodiles in order to make a single Hermes Birkin bag, Jane Birkin has insisted that her name be “debaptized” from the Birkin bag. The Birkin bag was inspired .

Top Low Cost Accessories for Mother’s Day

Top Low Cost Accessories for Mother’s Day Guest writer: KayRay Mother’s are simply the best which is why they are honored on one special day each year, Mother’s Day..duh! A Mother’s Day gift does not necessarily have to be given to your “mother.” Any woman who has been a motherly figure in your life can be given a Mother’s day gift. Moms do a lot for us, and as a mother myself, I have to .

Thieves Steal Hermès Handbags in Paris

Thieves Steal Hermès Handbags in Paris According to Women’s Wear Daily, last Thursday, April 16th, a group of organized thieves rampaged a packaging and logistics facility northwest of Paris and stole roughly five hundred Hermes handbags, including your favorite Birkin bag! The manager of the CAMS facility was the only person present during the time of the robbery of six individuals, and was forced to haul the Hermes handbags into a truck. The robbers .

Spring Fever: Best Bang For Your Buck

Spring Fever: Best Bang For Your Buck Have you done your spring cleaning yet for 2015? What are you waiting for? Did you know that your closet can be packed with cash? Maybe not literally, but your gently worn luxury designer handbags are worth cash, and if you’re not wearing them, why not sell them! SellYourHandbag of Boca Raton, Florida offers the highest paid premiums for your gently worn designer handbags such as Hermes, .

Best Snow Day Handbags

Best Snow Day Handbags Over 29 million people are under a Blizzard warning in the north-eastern states of the United States and officials encourage everyone to stay indoors if possible. Those who love to be daring and refuse to stay indoors are hopefully bundled up in layers with a nice warm winter coat and snow boots! The snow is no reason to keep yourself from being completely fashionable, so we’ve got the best snow .

Last Minute Designer Gifts Under $1000

Last Minute Designer Gifts Under $1000   There’s not much time left to buy your holiday gifts for your loved ones, family, and friends! What if you could find the perfect luxury designer gift, for under $1000, and get it before Christmas? Well that’s where we come in! SellYourHandbags has made your holiday shopping easier by creating this simple guide to the hottest designer gifts under a grand, and we will make sure it’s .

Out With The Old, In With The New

Out With The Old, In With The New It’s time to sell your designer handbags! Don’t let them sit in your closet collecting dust. Stop waiting for your handbags to come back in style, when you can sell it for cash! Selling your gently used designer handbag not only makes space for new ones, you’re also giving another person the chance to experience the beauty your handbag has to offer! Now that’s an awesome .

Stay Away From Replicas, Buy Authentic!

Stay Away From Replicas, Buy Authentic! There are numerous listings out there all over social media and popular websites where people are selling replica luxury designer handbags and accessories. We understand you’re on a tight budget, but why settle for fake when you can own true, authentic luxury designer good for the “replica” prices? Those who go around selling replica handbags out of their trunks and homes like these below, are only trying to .

Festive Flap Bags

Festive Flap Bags To spread some holiday cheer, we’ve found the best designer flap bags for the best prices! Flap bags are those particular handbags that never go out of style. Not only are they stylish but they are easy to use, lightweight and totally chic. Buying a handbag for the holidays, whether for yourself or a loved one, can be simple and  easy as 1-2-3 with our guide to the best priced luxury .