Thieves Steal Hermès Handbags in Paris

Thieves Steal Hermès Handbags in Paris

According to Women’s Wear Daily, last Thursday, April 16th, a group of organized thieves rampaged a packaging and logistics facility northwest of Paris and stole roughly five hundred Hermes handbags, including your favorite Birkin bag! The manager of the CAMS facility was the only person present during the time of the robbery of six individuals, and was forced to haul the Hermes handbags into a truck. The robbers quickly drove off in two separate vehicles making away with upscale leather and canvas handbags estimating around one million dollars!

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Recently there has been a target with Paris robberies, including a shootout with police at a Cartier boutique in France back in November. Two armed gunman stormed the Cartier store and took a man hostage, until police and negotiators talked the gunmen into surrendering; the stolen goods being recovered.

Hopefully in the case of the stolen Hermes handbags, investigators will find the culprits and the stolen goods so they don’t fall into hands of criminal minds and end up being sold to innocent people, not realizing it was stolen, just to make a quick buck.

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