Top 5 Bags Every Girl Should Own

Top 5 Bags Every Girl Should Own

What type of woman are you? Do you pick out your shoes and bag before your outfit, or vice versa? Not every handbag goes well with every outfit. You wouldn’t rock your Chanel boy bag to a wedding or bring your Hermes Birkin to the beach. Us girls are born with the instinct to have more than one pair of shoes, and more than one handbag! When you go out shopping for your handbag, do you gravitate to the same style, color and size handbag every time? There’s are least ten different handbags that every girl should own, and we’ve broken it down plain and simple for you with some awesome suggestions as well!

1. The Large and In Charge Tote Bag

It’s very rare that our handbags are ever empty. We carry our make up bags, wallets, sunglasses case, cell phone, check book, tablet, coupons, diapers, baby bottles, hidden stash of candy, whatever. We need a place to put all of this “crap” so why not get a bag that serves its purpose. Totes are perfect for just about anything. Take them to the beach, grocery shopping, a trip to the park, running errands, school or work. Our favorite totes are the ones below, the Louis Vuitton Neverfull is number one, with the gorgeous Hermes So Kelly in our number two spot! Most tote bags are made with canvas with endures the rough and tough travels that us women encounter on a daily basis.

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2. Everybody Loves A Cross Body

Messenger and cross body bags are essential to a woman’s wardrobe! Cross body bags are a more comfortable solution to the shoulder bag, relieving tension form your shoulders and resting across your body at your waist or lower. You can rock a messenger bag/cross body bag just about anywhere! Messenger bags are ideal with work or school, with all of those books, tablets and laptops that need to be carried, messenger bags usually have multiple compartments to keep your belongings organized. Some cross body bags have easy adjustable shoulder straps while others have a more formal chain and leather braided straps. Here are a few of our favorite cross body and messenger bags that are timeless, comfortable, useful, and petite.

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3. The Multi-purpose Clutch/Pochette

Clutches can be held for many occasions; brunch with your girlfriends, a late lunch with your mother or an evening romantic dinner with your hubbie! The best thing about some clutches are the extra shoulder straps that can be attached or removed for your preference, like the cute and totally chic Louis Vuitton Eva clutch!

4. The Mid-Size Everyday-Kinda Bag 

This is the bag that you honestly run out of the house with. The bag that holds everything you need but isn’t too big, or too small. It fits right under your arm at your waist and becomes a little part of you. Everything you carry has its own compartment, with either small rolled handles to hold or one long shoulder strap when your hand gets tired. It’s your everyday-kinda bag that serves its purpose gracefully but still gives off that style and pizzazz you’re looking for.

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When every other bag you own fails to dazzle as much as your outfit does, you need a special occasion bag that will sparkle in the moonlight! Usually these bags are designed with sequins galore or metallic fabrics and have only a limited amount of space for your essentials, like your emergency lip gloss or your credit card and cell phone. These are the type of bags you bring to your friend’s wedding, or wear on New Year’s Eve! Some of our favorites can be seen below!

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