Top Low Cost Accessories for Mother’s Day

Top Low Cost Accessories for Mother’s Day

Guest writer: KayRay

Low Cost Mother's Day Gifts

Mother’s are simply the best which is why they are honored on one special day each year, Mother’s Day..duh! A Mother’s Day gift does not necessarily have to be given to your “mother.” Any woman who has been a motherly figure in your life can be given a Mother’s day gift. Moms do a lot for us, and as a mother myself, I have to say it’s not an easy job! I have a gorgeous five year old daughter who I truly am blessed to have, but honestly sometimes I want to rip my hair out! It’s not easy taking care of a child, running after her at the grocery store, cleaning up her spills and messes at home, whipping marker off of the walls and mirrors, constantly cleaning up her toys. It’s exhausting! But that’s the joy of having a child, and seeing her grow and learn each and every day is truly amazing. We were all young at one point and probably exhausted our own parents in one way or another, but we eventually grow up to appreciate all that our mothers and fathers have done. There are so many gifts you could give a mother, that won’t break your bank including Do-it-yourself cute projects. However, if you really want to show your love and appreciation to your mother this Mother’s Day, why not buy her something she can wear, and hold each and every day that will remind her of how special she feels to have such a loving child as yourself. Buying pre-owned is a great way to save, and you can still get top quality and luxury designer goods without over spending. As a fashionable mom I love to have the hottest designer jewelry and handbags but sometimes I can’t always afford what’s hot on the market. I’ve found some pretty awesome low cost designer accessories for Mother’s day gifts that I think any mom would love! Take a look below and remember, you don’t always have to over spend or break your budget just to “impress” your mother. It’s the thought that counts and your mother will look fabulous in anything you give her!

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Stella McCartney Cavendish Mini Boston Zip Bag Purse                                                $1795.00



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Hermes Grand Apparat Wide Enamel Gold Colored Bangle Size 65                                               $495.00


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Louis Vuitton Koala Damier Wallet           $495.00