Best Snow Day Handbags

Best Snow Day Handbags

Over 29 million people are under a Blizzard warning in the north-eastern states of the United States and officials encourage everyone to stay indoors if possible. Those who love to be daring and refuse to stay indoors are hopefully bundled up in layers with a nice warm winter coat and snow boots! The snow is no reason to keep yourself from being completely fashionable, so we’ve got the best snow handbags for you on your travels through the wicked nor’easter!

Whether you’re taking a quick trip to the store for some milk, or sitting in bumper to bumper traffic trying to get to work, or school, carrying the perfect handbag is important when it comes with snow storms. Snow is white, sometimes black, and in worse cases, sometimes yellow; however everything goes with white so it’s super easy to rock the hottest handbags in the snow. It’s super important to remember that snow melts, and if you’re caught in a snow storm, you need something that is going to be durable and hold up to the water/snow as it falls more and more. We’re got you covered and found the best handbags to get you through those horrific blizzards!

This first handbag is eye catching, bold, and suitable for any blizzard you’re stuck in! This Hermes black leather So Kelly 26 Togo is almost brand new and comes with original Hermes box, and dust bag! This awesome shoulder bag has a pebbled coated black leather exterior which can repel snow and water. The structure of the bag is slimming yet holds just about anything you need to keep you warm! Slide a nice warm blanket in this bag with room to spare! With such a deep interior, you can stack your belongings and keep them all accessible to your reach! With a simple and easy twist-lock closure, you don’t have to waste any time opening or closing your bag and you don’t even have to take off your gloves! The long black leather shoulder strap has a drop of 9.5 inches so the bag sits nicely at your side. Everything goes well with black, especially your black UGG boots so you’ve got to grab hold of this Hermes bag in order to rock the “blizzard look!”

 Hermes So KellyHERMES Ad White

Another perfect snow day handbag is this totally chic Stella McCartney Light Grey Falabella Shaggy Deer messenger bag! This bag still has the tags attached, and looks as if it was just bought from the retail store! If you’re one of the lucky few who still has classes to attend during this snow storm, then you need a bag that is going to survive through the snow and hundreds of steps you need to take across campus to get to each one of your scheduled classes. This messenger bag is made of faux shaggy deer textile fabric on the outside, and a salmon colored monogram satin on the interior; both of which can withstand the cold, and snow! Stella McCartney handbags are always created with non-leather and cruelty-free materials. This adorable messenger bag will carry all of your books and papers for your classes. With tags still attached, this bag is basically like-new! It’s the perfect winter color and will stand out in the snow! While your covered up from head to toe with your face barely recognizable, you’ve got this Stella McCartney bag hanging off your hip making a very fashionable statement in a gloomy snowstorm!

Stella McCartney Shaggy DeerStella

For the true fashionistas that really want to dare the streets of the blizzard while still rocking the best of the best, this Louis Vuitton limited edition Irene Coco suede and patent leather handbag is the perfect bag for you! The gorgeous suede and patent leather blend together to create this winter wonderland handbag! With easy access to your belongings with a simple drawstring closure that doesn’t require you to take off your layers of gloves, you can stay warm with this bag just by bundling up with it! The gold tone hardware accent this bag perfectly and the embossed monogram in the suede and patent leather are different from the usual monogrammed canvas bags that Louis Vuitton has produced. This fascinating limited edition bag has three separate compartments for you to keep everything you need organized. With plenty of space, you can keep an extra warm scarf, an additional pair of gloves, your wallet, checkbook, and your cell phone all in one bag. This is the showstopper, or shall we say “snowstopped” bag that you need to travel through the blizzard of the nor’easter!

Lv Suede Irene CocoLV Coco Ad