Quick Tips For Selling Your Louis Vuitton Bag

Quick Tips For Selling Your Louis Vuitton Bag

Quick Tips for Selling your Louis Vuitton Bag

If you’re interested in selling your Louis Vuitton bag and you don’t know where to start, then we have a few quick tips for you to make life a little bit easier. Let’s remove the “fluff” and get right to it!

Decide to sell your handbag

Deciding to sell your Louis Vuitton handbag could possibly be a very difficult decision for you. Whether you originally purchased your LV bag for yourself using your hard earned money, or you received it as a gift from a loved one, the decision to part with your bag should be well thought out. There are an ample amount of reasons why one should sell their Louis Vuitton handbag, money being the obvious and most important reason. Sometimes a Louis Vuitton handbag becomes out of style, and you’re a total diva fashionista and follow the trends of what’s hot and what’s not. There are also times where the handbag just doesn’t cut out standards of a daily handbag, and we need something either bigger, or smaller to carry our belongings. The upside to selling your Louis Vuitton handbag is that Louis Vuitton holds their value as a brand, so it’s important to know that when you’ve decided to sell your bag, you’re selling it for top dollar! Which leads into our next tip, doing your research!

Tip 2 Research the Handbag Market

Research is key when it comes to selling your Louis Vuitton handbag. Knowing the original retail of your handbag can help in the decision to sell, and help in determining who is offering you top dollar for your bag. Keep in your mind, “Retail vs. Resale”. Do in-depth research on what your handbag might be selling for on different websites. Do not base your judgement off of individuals who are selling their Louis Vuitton handbag on eBay for example because majority of people will put an unrealistic price on their handbag, knowing they will be offered lower. It’s best to search through major websites that specifically sell pre-owned luxury designer handbags. If you have a Louis Vuitton Trevi PM that you would like to sell, a quick Google search could be your best friend. Depending upon condition, age and authenticity of your handbag, your Louis Vuitton Trevi PM could have a broad range for a purchase price; this goes for any luxury designer handbag. Keeping your Louie bag in the best condition possible will only benefit yourself when it comes to resale.

Cleaning Your Designer Handbag

Speaking of condition, when you’re ready to sell your LV bag, it’s best to clean it thoroughly and prep it for pictures. Be sure to do your research on how to clean your Louie bag before you use any specific cleaning supplies. Certain cleaning supplies will damage your canvas or leather exterior. Cleaning the interior is just as important as the exterior as majority of stains occur within the interior. Make up stains, pen marks, water spots, and discoloration marks are stubborn and do occur, it’s just natural for us to “dirty up” the interior of our LV bag. Knowing the proper way to clean your bag could result in a beautiful outcome and higher purchase price for you. Sometimes our handbags become damages, whether it be on the handles, corner scuff marks, rips or tears and it may be in your best interest to see if Louis Vuitton can repair your handbag before you decide to sell it. Though the repair may cost you, you’re bound to get more cash back for your handbag in repaired condition, rather than torn condition.

Gather Accessories Dust Bag, Box, Receipt

Selling your Louis Vuitton bag with the “total package” will get your the MOST cash. The total package includes your original box, dust bag, receipt and any additional accessories that may have came with your handbag originally from the retail store, like an authenticity card. Now, don’t be upset if you don’t have any of these items, because your handbag is still worth the money to sell. Providing your original receipt can give any buyer a sense of authenticity for your bag. It is an added reassurance that your handbag was originally purchased from a retail store. On average, keeping these items, especially your dust bag and original box, can only help you preserve the condition of your handbag.

Take Photos to sell your designer handbags in Boca Raton

So you’ve decided go ahead and sell your Louie bag, you’ve done your research and know a price range of what your handbag will sell for. You gave it a proper cleaning, gathered your accessories and you’re ready to take your awesome photos! When selling your handbag online, it’s important to take the best photos in correct lighting so that your handbag shows correct color. Setting up a small light room studio for your handbag could be the best advice to take your photos. Be sure to take many angles of your Louis Vuitton bag including a front and back shot, both sides, bottom, bottom corners, your handles, and of course the interior. Any visible wear should be photographed and be sure to include pictures of your box, dust bag and receipt if you have them. Taking a picture of your date code can help in determining the authenticity of your handbag when you submit your photos to sell.

sell your designer handbag for cash

Submitting your photos is only half the battle of selling your Louis Vuitton bag. Okay so there is technically no “battle” but when you’re ready to sell, sell it for top dollar at SellYourHandbag.com. SYH is South Florida’s leading buyer in pre-owned luxury designer handbags and accessories. They specialize in purchasing handbags in new or like-new condition, 100% authentic, no gimmicks, they purchase for the most cash possible! Selling your Louie bag has never been easier. Simply go to SellYourHandbag.com, and click the Sell Your Handbag tab on the top menu. Here you will find a simple and quick form that will ask for your information, the information about your handbag, and will allow you to upload your perfect photos that you’ve taken. Once you’ve uploaded your photos, it’s important to write a brief description on the condition of your bag. Be sure to include any visible wear and tear, odors, discoloration, and scuff marks. Submit your form and within 1 day you will receive a free consultation and quote from a SYH expert buyer. If you agree to the quote, you can then ship your handbag to their Boca Raton showroom, insured with signature required, or simply bring it into the boutique in person. Once they receive your bag via mail or in person, it will be evaluated based on the description of the condition, and will examined for authenticity. A final purchase price will be offered through an “Agreement to Sell” form, which will be e-mailed to you. Simply agree, or deny the offer. If agreed, payment will be issued within 1 business day after we receive your “Agreement to Sell” form, signed. If you deny the offer, your handbag will be shipped back, insured with signature required. It’s really that simple.

For more information on how to sell your Louis Vuitton handbag, feel free to contact SYH at: info@sellyourhandbag.com

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