Designer Denim Bags for your Fall Wardrobe

Designer Denim Bags for your Fall Wardrobe

Designer Denim Bags Boca Raton

The denim craze is back and in full force this fall season! You’ll see denim paired with leggings, mixed denim, colored denim, denim pants, shirts, socks, shoes, and handbags! Denim is and will always be IN fashion, but this season we’re taking it to an extreme. Check out these adorable, affordable, designer denim bags that you must have for your fall wardrobe!

This petite Louis Vuitton Pleaty denim pochette bag will be your best friend! With it’s small but spacious size, you’ll want to carry this Louie bag with you everywhere you go! Its golden brass hardware gives this bag a taste of luxury while still sporting that casual denim look. This is one bag that will bring you that completed ensemble look that you’re been wanting. It’s not only designer, it’s also AFFORDABLE designer!

Louis Vuitton Denim Pochette

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Here’s another awesome and affordable Louis Vuitton “Denim” bag for your fall wardrobe. This one is newer in style and has a ton of features that you’ll fall in love with! This is the new Louis Vuitton Twist bag and it features the newly designed LV logo. The adjustable chain shoulder strap allows you to rock this gorgeous purse as a long shoulder bag, or double up the straps to carry short. The epi leather has been transformed into a modern day denim color which is the perfect addition to your Fall wardrobe!

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Let’s shift away from Louie and make our way over to the world of Chanel! Here’s one Chanel bag that you’ll just melt over! It’s the Chanel Denim Chevron Boy Flap Bag that has everyone’s heart pumping, especially your favorite celebrities such as Rihanna and Beyonce! They’ve been seen wearing this Chanel boy bag several times, being caught in the flashing lights of the paparazzi. Who doesn’t love a flap bag right? Well the boy bag has more of a “rugged” look to it, however still gives off the luxurious, feminine feel of a Chanel handbag. This one in particular combines the ruthenium hardware, blue denim and also a grey denim textile. Mix and match this Chanel bag with any denim you wear this fall, and you’ll make everyone envious of you!

Chanel Denim Chevron Boy Bag Boca Raton

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Gucci jumped on the bandwagon and designed this gorgeous small Denim Soho cross body bag with beautiful brown leather accents. This stunning bag has the ability to be worn across the body, or simply adjust the straps to wear as a simple shoulder bag. The washed denim and the embossed interlocking Gs add the finishing touches to this bag.

Gucci Denim Soho Cross Body bag



We are all well aware of who the Gucci, Louis Vuitton and Chanel brand is, and sometimes when we think of denim, we don’t necessarily associate the world with a luxury designer brand, however these brands have created distinct, luxurious denim handbags which will be the perfect add on to your Autumn wardrobe. Denim is probably the one fabric that we all still wear, no matter how worn the fabric gets. So think of it this way, if you’re interested in purchasing a new denim designer handbag, why not buy one pre-owned? A little visible wear on the denim could actually be the way the bag was meant to look. Acid wash denim has visible bleach stains, washed denim has distressed faded blue streaks. There’s no reason to spend a fortune paying for retail prices on a denim designer handbag because no matter how denim looks, it will still look amazing! Find more denim designer handbags for your fall wardrobe at!