Hottest Pre-owned Designer Handbags for Spring

Hottest Pre-owned Designer Handbags for Spring

Though the winter snow still falls across the north as we near mid February, we have to be prepared for the Spring, which who knows when it will arrive! This spring, it’s not about what handbag you carry, however it is about HOW you carry it! The three major trends emerging this Spring contain bucket bags, saddle bags, and hand held handbags. Designers such as Louis Vuitton, Fendi, and Hermes have dabbed their style into each one of these categories to give you a variety of classy and chic handbags this Spring. From the runway to the streets, we’ve selected the top pre-owned designer handbags from each category to share with you and make your Spring handbag buying easier and cost effective!

Bucket Bags

Bucket bags are PERFECT for the lady who loves to carry everything! With an easily accessible structure, buckets have been known to be sturdy, lightweight and versatile. You can dress up a bucket bag, or wear it casually. Usually designed with two types of handles, a bucket bag can be transformed from a handbag, to a messenger bag, to a simple shoulder bag. These Spring bucket bags have transformed into something new. In today’s fashion world, buckets are worn by the hand, low, near the mid thigh and knee, away from the shoulder. Here’s a collection of some amazing bucket bags we know you will fall in love with! Starting from the top left, you will see a gorgeous Limited Edition Louis Vuitton Neo Eden Argent Drawstring bucket bag. This monogrammed canvas and silver striped leather exterior is an awesome, everyday bag that will serve all of your needs. This is a gently worn pre-owned Louis Vuitton bag which is looking for a second home. The silver leather stripes lay over the brown monogrammed canvas and give this bag a geometric style. There are two handles on this bag, two rolled natural leather handles to hold by hand, and an adjustable Nylon shoulder strap which can also be worn cross body. With a drawstring closure, and a deep interior, you can easily store your wallet, cell phone, make up case, tablet, or checkbook. Bucket bags are also great to use as the alternative diaper bag!

The top left is a fascinating Hermes So Kelly 26 in black leather! This bag comes with original box, and dust bag. Looking as if it was never worn, this gorgeous bucket bag is perfect for any occasion, any season! Black is everything, and you’ll fall in love with everything about this Hermes! With an adjustable shoulder strap, this bag would fit your comfort needs to the “T”. Its’ sleek and sexy lines and curves give this bag a heavy sex appeal with much sophistication.

LV Bucket BagHermes So Kelly 26

Chanel Beige Gold Bucket BagLV Mahina Bucket

The two bottom bucket bags you see are a tan Chanel Caviar drawstring bucket, and on the right is a Louis Vuitton Mahina XL Brown Etched Monogrammed shoulder bucket bag. Both bags are absolutely stunning with gold accents. The Chanel comes with an attached pochette and signature Chanel “CC” logo around the bottom trim of the bag. The Louie is lightweight, with a gorgeous brown color leather and buckle closure. Both of these are pre-owned as well, with plenty of room for your everyday essentials, awesome style, and versatility!

Hand Held

Hand held bags have been around for centuries! They are a style that will never fade and will continue to strive through the fashion handbag industry! Hand held bags are those in which do not have capabilities to be carried over the shoulder. Below are a few of the hottest pre-owned designer handbag bags, each with different fabrics, color, and style. The top two bags are Louis Vuitton handbags. The one on the left is the LV Ellipse PM Monogrammed Canvas handbag. The unique shape is the shape of a bowlers bag, and its unique structure is extremely durable. The beautiful patent leather Louis Vuitton on the left is a Vernis Alma Gm Rose Florentin handbag. This bag has a fabulous pearl shimmer to its exterior which allows it to be worn as an awesome day bag to take out to lunch, or dress it up with a lovely dress for a romantic evening dinner.

LV EllipseLV-Florentine

Gucci ClutchLV Patent Yellow

The bottom two bags are bright, cherry, and scream SPRING! The bag on the left is an adorably chic Gucci Pink Leather Hysteria Extra Large clutch. This hand held bag has a small wrist strap that allows the bag to hang or be held. The side bows and pleats around the bag give this frilly clutch a very feminine look. This extra large clutch is pre-owned but looks as if it was never worn. The clutch can hold just about everything you need to carry during the day. The Louis Vuitton Mango Vernis Forsyth hand bag is another uniquely structured hand bag that is like no other. This Louie has a vibrant mango-colored patent leather with embossed monogram design. The triangular design may seem small, however has plenty of interior storage for your wallet, cell phone, sunglasses and much more! This is also a pre-owned hand bag which can only be help at the hand.

Saddle Bags

Stella McCartney Shaggy DeerLV Eden PM

long LVLV Volupte

Grab your saddle because that’s the hottest bag of Spring! These four saddle bags are without a doubt the coolest pre-owned designer handbags of 2015! Saddle bags can also take on the name of a messenger bag or crossbody bag due to their long adjustable shoulder straps. We have three awesome pre-owned Louis Vuitton saddle bags as well as a gorgeous Stella McCartney Light Gray Falabella Shaggy Deer Saddle/Messenger bag! This bag still has original tags attached! Next to the Stella McCartney bag on the right is one of Louis Vuitton’s new style saddle bags, the Monogram Eden PM Caramel Cross body handbag. The brown monogram canvas and caramel colored leather go together perfectly in this awesome handbag/crossbody bag! The long adjustable monogram strap can be removed and the bag can be transformed into a hand held purse. The Louie on the bottom left is actually a Rare black Damier Patent Leather Vernis Runway Party Saddle cross body bag! The awesome patent leather Damier allows this bag to be worn out on a date, or out to lunch with friends! This bag is narrow, however has much depth to the interior so it can hold your important essentials that you may need throughout the day. Going with a larger Louis Vuitton bag, the Saddle bag to the bottom left is a Gris Volupte Psyche Leather saddle bag that has a padded patent exterior. This bag can also play the role of a duffel bag, with its large interior and large width. This bag can be held in two different ways, by hand or by the adjustable shoulder strap. The front flap has a gold tone push lock that opens to a very large and organized interior. All four of these bags have that front flap closure and long  shoulder straps that can be worn more than one way.

Be sure to look out for these three awesome handbag trends in stores, and on the streets as we get closer to spring! For more pictures of each of these handbags above, be sure to check out our website!