Are Painted Hermes Birkin Bags Still Popular?

Are Painted Hermes Birkin Bags Still Popular?


Have you been keeping up with the craze of celebrities carrying hand painting Hermes Birkin bags? Well over the past couple of years celebrities such as Lady GaGa and Kim Kardashian have had their Birkin bags custom painted, causing up much of a stir by fans. Who would pay an astronomical amount of money for a handbag, just to have it painted?

Some of the hand painted bags we’ve seen carried by celebrities are just insane, and not in a good way. We’ve seen our share of some awful painted Hermes bags, and then again we’ve found some beautiful creations!

Khloe Kardashian has her neon yellow Hermes Birkin hand painted by artist Alec Monopoly and incorporated Khloe’s alter ego, “KhloMoney” on the handbag. The bag was painted using special oil paints similar to what Louis Vuitton uses on their Graffiti bags. This paint takes days to dry for each layer!

Another artist/model/celebrity host named Heart Evangelista created several works of art when she was influenced by baby North West’s hand painted canvas Hermes “Herbag”. She decided to start a collection of oil painted handbags and tote bags, specializing in Hermes. She created beautiful works of art which can be seen below. Her eye for detail and color is pure and whimsical.

These beautiful paintings are definitely, in my opinion, more acceptable when it comes to painting on luxury designer handbags and totes. My personal favorite is the one below, with the gorgeous floral array painted atop a canvas Goyard tote.

There’s so many different styles of art, and the graffiti painted Hermes Birkin held by Rita Ora below, is still pretty awesome in my opinion. Graffiti is a free style of art, using overlaying of paints, graphics and text and it all came together pretty well in this celebrity’s black Birkin bag.


Celebrities have the ability to start trends, make fashion statements and basically do whatever they feel. Which is exactly what NeNe Leakes did when it came to her Birkin bag. The obnoxious phrases and images painted on her Hermes bag are vulgar and can be offensive to some. What she was thinking, we won’t ever know, but she made a statement with this bag, and her point was clearly made, whatever it was.

Other celebrities such as Lady GaGa took a different approach to painting on Birkin bags. She indeed wanted to make a statement, but this time it was in a different language and it was a meaningful message to all. She is known to call her fans her “little monsters” and GaGa is not shy to tell people how she truly feels when it comes to personal situations such as bullying and gay pride. GaGa shows off her personalized Hermes Birkin,, written with, what we believe to be permanent marker, with a Japanese sentence “I Love Little Monsters, Tokyo Love.”

Every so often we catch a new celebrity rocking a hand painted Hermes bag, whether it be the famous Birkin leather bag, or the canvas Herbag. We’ve seen some pretty interesting creations painted on the bags, and I just only wonder if the fad of painted handbags are still continuing. Some say these celebrities are defacing the Hermes brand by painting all over the leather, however, it truly is a “blank canvas” so to speak, so why not turn it into a walking work of art?

Either this fad will die out within a couple of years, or it will spiral into something bigger and more demanding. Louis Vuitton has been “painting” on handbags for several years incorporating different artist’s work on their monogram handbags such as Stephen Sprouse and Morikami. Even though the bags are mass produced, they are still created from a famous artist who expressed their individuality onto a handbag.

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