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Barbie Inspired Moschino Handbags for Summer 2015

Barbie Inspired Moschino Handbags for Summer 2015 It’s quite interesting what fashion designers can come up with to start a new trend. This summer, world renowned designer Moschino has incorporated playful bright colors, Barbie inspired, inflatable handbags. Do you remember blowing up those pool rafts or beach balls by blowing into that clear tube and then pushing plug down to hold the air in tight? Well that’s exactly what this Moschino handbag is all .

Throwback Chanel Handbags

Throwback Chanel Handbags Bring vintage back this holiday season with some of Chanel’s most exquisite vintage designs. Today we’ve found the best priced vintage Chanel handbags you’ll fall head over heels for! Be the one to make a bold impression on New Year’s Eve with a stunning little black dress and a vintage Chanel upon your shoulder! Turn heads while bringing in the new year with vintage style and class at a super affordable .