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Best Designer Handbag Deals of October 2015

Best Designer Handbag Deals of October 2015   In today’s world, there’s no sense in purchasing handbags from retail stores brand new. Trends are always changing and prices are always rising, so it only makes perfect sense to purchase designer handbags pre-owned. The best deals in designer handbags are those where you’re buying a handbag that looks as if it was never worn, for nearly half of the retail price. Saving money on buying .

Rihanna Has a Phallic Purse Because of Course she Does

The crowd cheers and shouts out Rihanna’s name when she makes her grand appearance outside a London, UK hotel. She makes her mark once again as she openly displays her Vivienne Westwood phallic clutch. Although the media admits with being bored of this display, the crowd seemed to enjoy the show. RiRi pointed her new leather purse accented with a large, gold crocodile-skin “schlong” stitched on it out from her groin area – and how .