Rihanna Has a Phallic Purse Because of Course she Does

The crowd cheers and shouts out Rihanna’s name when she makes her grand appearance outside a London, UK hotel. She makes her mark once again as she openly displays her Vivienne Westwood phallic clutch.

Rihanna Vivienne Westwood Penis Purse

via Ri Ri’s Instagram

Although the media admits with being bored of this display, the crowd seemed to enjoy the show. RiRi pointed her new leather purse accented with a large, gold crocodile-skin “schlong” stitched on it out from her groin area – and how impressive the size of “it” is!

Fans now seem to expect this kind of behavior from her, and not many people seem to find her fashion statements shocking anymore. She even seemed to keep the crowd entertained as she chased the security guard around with her newfound “endowment.”

It’s all in Fun, and who can Blame Rihanna?

From what I can tell, most people support all of Rihanna’s fashion decisions, as outlandish as they seem to be at times. As far as her choice of handbag, she almost had to present it because it was a free publicity assistant gift sent to her.

She not only whipped out her new clutch as if it was attached to her body, but she also wore blue lipstick, varsity jacket with fur sleeves, and a see-through mesh blouse. It’s no wonder some fans and journalists might say it’s just a bit too much for one day.

In RiRi’s defense, the competitiveness of the music industry never ends. Everyone constantly fights for the number one popularity spot. You might think we’re totally speculating here, but perhaps Rihanna’s just trying to get back some of the attention that Miley Cyrus stole. The main difference between Miley and RiRi is that at least Rihanna wants to at least give the audience the allusion she’s wearing clothes, even if it isn’t much fabric.

Besides, it’s not like she was wearing the blue lipstick and mesh blouse with the fur sleeves while carrying around the gold-embossed phallus clutch. She at least had the decency to change into a jumpsuit of many nations’ colors when holding her handbag’s endowment as proud as ever.

A New Definition Of “Gold Finger”

The inventive new red carpet couture phallic purse Rihanna displayed in London definitely gives fashion enthusiasts a new definition for “Gold Finger.” She’s been spotted by the press holding it in her hand as if she was ready to give it some “love,” but not everyone is impressed.

Is it For You?

You might not want to carry a purse with a personal body part embroidered onto it, and that’s perfectly fine. However, the Vivienne Westwood name, albeit a company associated with this customized adult-oriented accessory, is known for its reputation of creating stellar products. In spite of the rather risqué sample send to Rihanna

You Can’t Argue with Vivienne Westwood Quality

The carefully-crafted purse made with conditioned leather that RiRi customized as her own shows you that high-fashion takes no shortcuts. Usually handbags made with real leather last quite a long time and you can find one available for any occasion – even for family-oriented events not centered on adult entertainment.

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