Top Preowned Designer Handbags

Whether you are desirous of buying a pre-used designer handbag or selling one of your own, knowledge is paramount. You must have knowledge of the market itself, and have a good tracking history for the high end designer handbags.

Fendi Woven Tote

Fendi Woven Tote

For example, Hermes Birkin is completely professionally hand crafted and luxuriously finished inside and out. The inside is always fine goatskin the exact color of the outer leather, whether of calfskin, python, or crocodile skin. Those are details to ensure, but give analysis to the Birken lock and the numbers of the individual craftsman and know exactly where they are stamped.

These instructions also apply to all Fendi, Saint Laurent, Balenciaga and the other designer handbags in the industry and are more than tips. They are absolutes, for you are dealing with products that cost five figures and more, and for which there are monstrous counterfeitors. Always ask for certification by receipt of purchase and accompanying purchase paperwork if you are buying resale designer goods. Know as much of the purse’s history as you can acquire from the seller. If you are the seller, then you should know all of the fore mentioned details about your own purse for the confidence of your buyer, and provide them with your own receipt of purchase and accompanying paperwork.

The well crafted designer purse is as much of an investment as any gem or jewelry item of value. Thinking of your handbags made by expensive leather craftsmen families as monetary investments is very commonplace in today’s society, and they are a very easily bought or sold commodity that requires no exchange or brokerage middle man. For this reason of ease, always consider the adage that if you do not know your jewelry, know your jeweler and apply it to the venue of high end designer handbags as well.

Sell Your Handbag has been serving South Florida and the rest of the U.S. for over two generations. They have thus acquired the reputation of the go-to authority for new or gently used handbag of the top designers. They handle the products of the highest and most luxurious designers in the handbag industry such as Balenciaga, Prada, Louis Vuitton and Chanel on a daily basis. Visit their Boca Raton accommodations and tell their security conscious staff of your particular item search. If a handbag you desire is not in their present stock, Sell Your Handbag can sleuth about with regal style to find a genuine and certified purse with full documentation which is exactly as you desire and purchase for you.

When offering one of your own designer purses for resale, drop by the store in Boca Raton or send/fax them a photograph with all credentials and details so that they can determine your purse’s probable value and advise you. If you choose to have them sell it for you, you would then send the bag to them for authentication and resale to the prospective customer. If this sale is refused or denied by you for any reason, the purse immediately returned to you. All of the Sell Your Handbag business negotiations are insured and bonded to the maximum amount, and security is equal to that of diamond merchants.

Handbags are trend items just as clothing. In this manner a purse you may have owned a relatively short time could have increased in demand and be worth more now than when initially purchased. This is key to their values as investment products. If you own a Gucci purse you have not carried for a while, why not let Sell Your Handbag sell it and let it bring a vivid Versace into your wardrobe?