How to Choose the Right Handbag

Selecting a fashionable handbag might not seem challenging, but it can become complicated when you want a bag that you can carry with a variety of different outfits. There are three main factors that you must consider before making a purchase: your body type, the color and the brand. By taking measures to select a bag that is versatile and stylish, it is easier to carry the bag in a variety of settings.

Chanel Caviar Black GHW Medallion Tote Bag

Chanel Caviar Black GHW Medallion Tote Bag

Evaluate Your Body Type

Body type plays a key role in finding the right handbag. The reason is simple: certain handbags are better suited to specific body types.

As a general rule, select a bag that balances out potential concerns. For example, a tall woman looks best with a small clutch or a handbag that has a long strap. A shoulder purse will only elongate the body and cause a gangly or unbalanced appearance. On the other hand, a large bag can make a petite woman look shorter or awkward, so women who are petite should opt for a smaller or medium purse.

If you are not sure about the best purse size for your body type, then pick up several and look in a full-length mirror in the store. Consider how the purse impacts the appearance of your body. The lines of a purse or the straps of the handbag can help create a fabulous look if it is carefully selected.

Pick a Neutral Color

Do not select a purse that has a bold or shocking color. When you want an everyday bag that will match a variety of outfits, a simple neutral shade is best.

Neutral colors often include black, white, tan and brown. Although navy is a neutral shade that can match several outfits, it may or may not be appropriate for formal settings. If you are looking for a handbag that is appropriate for casual, semi-formal and work attire, then a simple black or brown leather is usually appropriate.

If you pick out a white, cream or off-white handbag, then opt for a material that is easy to clean. Dirt from pollution, putting down your purse or even spills can make a white purse look dull or grimy. By having a material that is easy to clean, you can maintain the handbag.

Consider the Brand

Although a fashionable handbag does not necessarily mean spending a small fortune on the purse, picking out the best brand for your price range will help ensure that your handbag lasts for a longer period of time.

Consider the brand after you determine the best shape, size and color for your body type and outfits. If you are not sure about the best brand, then evaluate the quality of the materials and any stitching instead. A well-made handbag is likely to come from a reputable brand.

Selecting a fashionable handbag that is appropriate for several outfits requires a bag that is appropriate for your body type as well as a color that will match anything you wear. When it comes to style, opt for a classic or timeless look so that your handbag can be used for several seasons.

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