Handbag History

While handbags have become “must have” fashion accessories, they must also serve their purpose, which goes back hundreds of years. Function was originally more important than fashion. Men and women used ancient pouches to hold coins and valuables.

Even men often attached their swords to their purses to create added protection for their valuable items. During those times, women has less need for handbags as they were seldom trusted with coins and valuables, eliminating most of the need for purses.

Now handbags are a needed fashion accessory for most women. They became popular during the renaissance during the sixteenth century and remain a staple fashion statement today. Women have almost infinite choices for the size and design of handbags they want in the 21st century.

There are multiple options for you to get the accessory you want while also having the utility you need to store your “stuff” when carrying it with you. Handbags should be more than fashion statements. They should also serve their original utilitarian purpose–to keep your things safe and mobile.

In most cases, however a fashionista you may be, you can find a fashionable, while useful, handbags, whatever your fashion preferences may be. Whether you prefer small, hand carry purses or larger handbags, with room for all the things you want to carry when you’re “mobile,” you can find those that help you stand out from the crowd–and transport the items you need.

Most observers consider a woman’s handbag as an external display of her persona. Handbag choices complement outfits more than any other single accessory. Jewelry as a dominant accessory is a close second for many women. Also, an extension of a woman’s personality, some prefer a “minimalist” approach, with just a few discreet pieces, while others go “all out,” even when wearing jeans.

Your choice in watches often falls into the jewelry category or makes its own unique statement. Wristwatches are similar to handbags because your fashion goals are matched with utility. Just as handbags make a fashion statement, combined with their usefulness, watches, whether you consider them jewelry or utilitarian accessories, serve a similar purpose.

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