What You Should Know About the 35cm Hermes Matte Beton Alligator Hermes Birkin Bag

Those who appreciate fashion and all that it has to offer (and have the money on hand to be able to pay six figure price tags for a single item) are eagerly taking part in the 2013 Heritage Auctions Holiday Luxury Signature Auction. The well known auction house Heritage Auctions has teamed up with fashion designer Hermes to present some of the most stunning bags, purses and even wallets known to womankind.

Moda Operandi Heritage Auctions Hermes Sale

The bag that is getting the most attention is naturally the Hermes 35cm Matte Beton Alligator Hermes Birkin Bag that is presently being sold for a whopping $115,000. While this price tag is certainly astronomical even for a bag made by one of the world’s best known luxury brand names, there are several interesting reasons why it commands such a high price.

First of all, the bag is made from 35cm of top quality alligator skin. Alligator skin in itself is quite rare; however, a piece of high quality alligator skin is extremely costly. The fact that this piece is not only high quality but also quite large drives up the price even more, as it is an extremely rare find.

The bag’s pale color is yet another reason why it is so expensive. Light colored alligator skin that shows no signs of wear and tear is regal and classy beyond description and it is certainly not easy to come by. In fact, it has been noted that even Hermes’ VIP customers would not be able to purchase such a bag via a traditional luxury goods retail outlet.

The rare, high quality nature of this bag, coupled with its fantastic design and of course the name it bears makes it one of the rarest Hermes bags on the market. However, those who are interested in owning a Hermes Birkin bag do not have to limit themselves to competing for this one single item. Heritage Auctions is currently offering two more alligator Hermes Birkin bags. The 35cm Matte Mimosa Alligator Birkin is a cheery bright yellow and can be purchased for $89,500 while the tan 35 cm Matte Poussiere Alligator Birkin can be bought for $79,500. Other Hermes bags available at this particular auction are made from either leather or crocodile skin. Prices range from $12,500 up to about $65,000, depending on the size, type and color of bag purchased.

Fashionistas the world over who appreciate top quality luxury bags that have the space needed to hold a wide range of accessories and other needed items are sure to appreciate the rare beauty that is the Hermes 35cm Matte Beton Alligator Hermes Birkin Bag. It is not unrealistic to say that a bag of this nature only comes around once in a lifetime and the lucky woman who acquires it as her own is sure to enjoy showing it off as she goes out and about. The auction is currently in progress and will be going on until November 23, so we will not have to wait long to see who the new, proud owner of this rare collector’s item will be.

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