Top 5 Most Expensive Hermes Birkin bags ever Sold

It’s compact, fancy, made for a Queen and worth an estimated $1.9 million dollars.

There are still a few things in life worth having, if you can afford them. Owning the world’s most expensive Hermes Birkin bag might be one of them. On August 15th the red crocodile bag will take its place at the auction block.

The bag is crafted in 18 karat white gold, and fashioned in exquisite diamond hardware. The auction will take place in Dallas, where the red Birkin bag will sell for $203,150.

If you wanted that bag that screamed your name, you should have been in Doyle New York. Off to the auction block went one of girl’s two best friends; her purse and her diamond, but not exactly in that order. The most exclusive purse at the auction was the Hermes Matte Birkin, crocodile purse with dazzling diamonds. By the way, the purse is made from real crocodile skin. This Birkin purse sold at auction was an estimated $120,000. Now that’s a lot of diamonds.

Birkin Matte Brighton Blue Porosus Crocodile bag was sold at auction for $113,525. It is fashioned with Palladium hardware and is 35m. If blue is your favorite color, you will appreciate the color of this Hermes Birkin bag.

Another Hermes Birkin bag is a Shiny Red Braise Porosus Crocodile Hermes bag, which originally sold for $95,600 at auction. The bag is almost 35m and is well worth the money.

The other famous Hermes Birkin bag that made it to auction is the Himalayan Ultra Rare Crocodile bag with Palladium hardware trimming. The bag is a Hermes design at 30m and sold for an estimated $80,663 at auction.

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