Spotlight On: Anya Hindmarch Resort 2014 Handbags

Before you know it Winter 2014 will be upon us, and well you know in Winter, a designer’s fancy turns to thoughts of resort wear. Although the resort shows aren’t given as much publicity as the Fall and Spring shows, they are getting a lot more mention. And Anya Hindmarch’s Resort 2014 handbags collection is gaining a lot of buzz. British-born Anya follows a simple recipe in designing her handbags. She starts with three main ingredients – top notch materials, craftsmanship, and creativity, mixing them with attention to detail, then she throws in a pinch of humor and sprinkles a bit of personalization and she comes up with the handbags that have earned her a celebrity following. Kate Moss, Alexa Chung, the Duchess of Cambridge, Cara Delevingne, and Florence Welch, among others have all been spotted clutching one of her clutches or toting one of her totes.

She has chosen to include a variety of ideas in her Fall Resorts 2014 Handbags collection. They run from dressy clutches like the the hard-sided blue enamel rainbow blue design with a gold clasp fastening or the soft metallic leather one with the tassel-topped zipper to the casual hobos to the quirky embossed leather clutches bearing old-time logos. And of course, she couldn’t resist throwing in a bit of humor in the form of the hapless cartoon figure caught trying to scale a couple of bags.

Hindmarch, you will remember, gained acclaim with the I’m Not A Plastic Bag canvas tote, her design effort to discourage the use of plastic shopping bags. Selling for five British Pounds each, the bags developed cult status and quickly sold out, but not before Vanity Fair was able to scoop up enough to include in their goodie bags at the Oscars that year.

Starting with a first shop, opened in on London’s Walton Street, her empire now includes fifty locations worldwide including three in NYC

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