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What To Look For In a Handbag

What To Look For In a Handbag What do you look for when shopping for your next luxury designer handbag? Is it the brand in particular you shop for? Do you shop for color, comfort, material? Do you shop for the hottest trends and styles, or are you an individual who loves to shop outside of the box and sticks with your own personal taste? There are hundreds of details you could look for .

Understanding Quality Leather Goods

Understanding Quality Leather Goods and high quality manufacturing such as stitching, lining and the leather process will help you identify a true quality high-end product by Louis Vuitton, Gucci or Fendi as opposed to reproductions that look the same but are of lesser quality. After reading these hints you will see the differences between high quality treatments and those that will dry out, crack and show wear due to poor manufacturing techniques. The tanning industry: .

Louis Vuitton of the Future

Louis Vuitton of the Future 2015 is just shy of five months away in the future, and Louis Vuitton has already captured the futuristic evolution of the handbag with their Spring/Summer 2015 Resort line! Focusing on the clothing Louis Vuitton continued to create fashion for every day wear, yet used bold patterns that will make your eyes go crazy, while using subtle lines to form a silhouette. The handbags on the other hand were .