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Replica designer handbags, fake designer handbags, counterfeit designer handbags, designer inspired handbags all have one thing in common – they’re illegal. Cheap designer knockoffs are poor quality, easy to spot and embarrassing for all parties involved. Stick to reputable pre owned designer handbag sellers (who only sell authentic designer purses) to make sure you’re getting a truly good deal.

How To Tell a Designer Handbag Replica From The Real Deal

While some women do not mind buying replica handbags, others prefer designer handbags only. It all depends on preference and personal taste. Knowing how to distinguish genuine designer handbags from the replicas and fakes is important. There are several ways to tell if a handbag is a replica by paying attention to specific features. Here are a few tips to help you tell the difference between a real designer handbag and a replica. 1. .