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Burberry is one of London’s Oldest Fashion Outlets. Founded by Thomas Burberry is 1870 in Basingstoke, England, this Company is well known for its Clothing, Accessories and Fragrances. Burberry is unique in the fact that all the clothing is Waterproof, yet still breathable. How this is done is before the Yarn is Weaved it is Waterproofed! This Company which was Founded in England now has 473 Locations worldwide with over 9000 employees.

Designer Handbags Keep High Value Through Multiple Owners

The driving force for the company Sell Your Handbag to have enjoyed amazing success for over two generations is that our product, high end luxury handbags, increase with value as time marches on if they have been maintained in the condition they deserve. The same principle occurs with find musical instruments which were created with precision and quality in their inception, well cared for, and continued to grow in value until they become valued .

Burberry’s New CEO: Christopher Bailey

Burberry’s upcoming CEO has been a secret for some time, and many have awaited their decision. Finally, Christopher Bailey has been announced for the position—and Angela Ahrendts has left for Apple. Bailey has worked tightly with Angela to ensure a smooth transition between positions, and the handover happened effectively between the two this spring. While the change has only recently been announced, Bailey and Angela have reportedly been ironing out fine details since October .