Burberry’s New CEO: Christopher Bailey

Burberry’s upcoming CEO has been a secret for some time, and many have awaited their decision. Finally, Christopher Bailey has been announced for the position—and Angela Ahrendts has left for Apple.

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Bailey has worked tightly with Angela to ensure a smooth transition between positions, and the handover happened effectively between the two this spring. While the change has only recently been announced, Bailey and Angela have reportedly been ironing out fine details since October 2013.

”I am profoundly moved and humbled to be asked to take on the CEO role at this company that means so much to me,” Bailey has told officials he feels privileged to maintain position of Chief Creative Officer, and he believes innovation and creativity are Burberry’s boon within the industry’s previous 10 years. He has big plans for the upcoming decade, too, and has already been welcomed with open arms.

Christopher Bailey has been active within Burberry for 13 years, and he’s operated as Chief Creative Officer for roughly six. He’s overseen many consumer-involved and facing activities, such as accessing creative marketing, modified and promoted product designs, created store designs and promoted digital innovation. His talents are wide and varied—and he intends to apply them at the next level.

Angela’s Position

Angela is pleased with his acquisition, and says ”It has been an honor to have partnered with Sir John Peace and Christopher for the last eight years.” Sir John Peace, himself, is Burberry’s chairman who’s worked closely with both Angela and Christopher throughout the decade.

Angela is reportedly confident in Christopher’s abilities and drive within the industry, and she’s confident in Sir John’s intelligence and potency as a mentor. “[With] Sir John’s continued guidance and the executive team’s support, Christopher, as one of this generation’s greatest visionaries, will continue to lead Burberry to new heights.”

Christopher is believed to be one of their sector’s greatest minds, and he’s been repeatedly labelled a powerful visionary. Many have depicted him as Burberry’s natural and upcoming leader, and Angela’s instincts informed her of the senior team’s need for something young and refreshing. When the time came, she easily passed the baton.

The Road Ahead

While Angela Adrendts holds the reins at Apple, Christopher Bailey will be controlling a multi-billion pound-worth brand. Burberry was the 77th most-valuable brand across the globe in 2013—and it’s only picking up steam. “I am profoundly moved and humbled to be asked to take on the CEO role at this company that means so much to me,” Bailey said.

He believes innovation and creativity are Burberry’s lifeblood, and he considers them chief qualities of the brand’s outstanding success within the past decade. Within his new role, Christopher Bailey will still be contacting the business’s creative sections as Chief Creative Officer, but he will, additionally, maintain overall responsibilities for delivering and creating Burberry’s new global vision chapter to the world. He’s planning new and innovative business strategies, too, and the brand has a lot planned for the many years ahead.

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