The Hermès Birkin Bag Has Remained an Emblem of Class and Quality

Established in 1837 in Paris France, The Hermes Company made fine lifestyle goods and quality saddles. In 1922, the son of the founder’s wife, complained about the fact that there were no quality bags for her to use. Émile-Maurice made his first line of purses to a higher standard of quality and appearance than any of the the other bags available at the time. They have been considered the finest in bags from that moment on.

The Birkin bag made by Hermes in particular is a classic, and the standard of quality when it comes to expensive totes.

One skilled craftsman makes one bag at a time out of calf leather, ostrich, crocodile, salt water crocodile, or lizard leathers. The price for a Birkin can run all the way up to $1.9 million! The average price for a Birkin is more in the range of $60,000 , however the quality is unmatched, and the resale value of gently used bags is great. The Birkin Bag was named after iconic British Actress Jane Birkin who passed away in December 2013.

The Birkin Bag is Worn by All The Biggest Stars

Stars like Victoria Beckham, Kim Kardashian, Lady Gaga, Bethany Frankel, and Eva Longoria have all been seen wearing Birkin Bags that match their outfits, and upper class mother’s in New York will their Birkin to the stroller while wearing gym cloths and jogging, to show that even though they are with their children and wearing work out cloths, they are still sexy looking and haute couture.

If you can afford a Birkin, the perfect accessory is a Hermes Scarf, to wrap around the handle and take off to add to your outfit as needed.

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