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Top Ten Affordable Resort Handbags

Top 10 Affordable Resort Handbags  The skies are clear, the winds a blowing, and your excitement for a summer vacation has got your palms sweaty and a permanent smile on your face. Packing for a vacation is frustrating no matter how long you’re away. It’s important to make a list of exactly what you’ll need for your trip away from home. You’ve got your outfits, bikinis, a couple pairs of sandals, flats and a .

Chanel Caviar vs. Chanel Lambskin

Chanel Caviar vs. Chanel Lambskin Chanel Caviar and Chanel Lambskin are two iconic staples that have grasped much attention from Chanel fans and fashionistas worldwide. Chanel has reigned in the fashion industry for using the highest quality leathers, which is why their bags and accessories are so luxurious.  Whether used in the timeless flap bag or in a Chanel wallet, both the Caviar and Lambskin leathers have both pros and cons when it comes to .

How To Spot A Fake Chanel Classic Flap Bag

How To Spot A Fake Chanel Flap Bag   Chanel has long reigned as the top mogul in the fashion industry. Being so popular and timeless, Chanel handbags along with many other luxury designer handbags have easily been targeted to the quick dollar replica industry. Chanel classic flap bag replicas are one of the many handbag knock-offs that have flooded the fashion industry for years. Want to know how to spot a fake Chanel classic flap .

Top 5 Bags Every Girl Should Own

Top 5 Bags Every Girl Should Own What type of woman are you? Do you pick out your shoes and bag before your outfit, or vice versa? Not every handbag goes well with every outfit. You wouldn’t rock your Chanel boy bag to a wedding or bring your Hermes Birkin to the beach. Us girls are born with the instinct to have more than one pair of shoes, and more than one handbag! When you .