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Hermes Birkin May Undergo Name Change

Hermes Birkin May Undergo Name Change   Model, actress and singer Jane Birkin has asked fashion luxury brand Hermes to remove her name from the iconic Birkin bag. After seeing a gruesome video taken by Peta members and images of slaughter and horrific animal cruelty towards crocodiles in order to make a single Hermes Birkin bag, Jane Birkin has insisted that her name be “debaptized” from the Birkin bag. The Birkin bag was inspired .

The Hermès Birkin Bag Has Remained an Emblem of Class and Quality

Established in 1837 in Paris France, The Hermes Company made fine lifestyle goods and quality saddles. In 1922, the son of the founder’s wife, complained about the fact that there were no quality bags for her to use. Émile-Maurice made his first line of purses to a higher standard of quality and appearance than any of the the other bags available at the time. They have been considered the finest in bags from that .