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Why Do Women Own So Many Handbags?

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Why Do Women Own So Many Handbags? Realistically, why do women own so many handbags? Wouldn’t it be easier if we just found that one neutral colored handbag that was the perfect size, carried all of our daily essentials, and went with every single outfit we owned? That would make things too easy right? We are women, we have a keen eye for fashion and one handbag just won’t do for us! So why .

What Year is My Hermes?

Hermes Date Stamps
What Year is My Hermes?   If you’re an avid handbag collector that we’re sure you know how to decipher the date code of luxury designer handbags such as Chanel, and Louis Vuitton. Have you educated yourself on the date stamps for Hermes handbags and accessories? Each and every luxury designer brand has their own specific serial numbers stamped, stitched, or stuck on with a sticker on each handbag. It’s important for you to .