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Semi Annual Handbag Sale

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Semi Annual Handbag Sale Now is the time to freak out! Our Semi Annual Handbag Sale is finally here and the chance to own your dream handbag is only a few clicks away! We’ve put our entire website on sale, offering you an additional 10% off the already discounted handbags and accessories! Summer time is the best time to own a new designer handbag, whether it’s a summer tote for the beach, or an .

Which Gucci Is Right For You?

Which Gucci Is Right For You? When Guccio Gucci established his leather goods and luggage store in Florence, Italy in 1921, the fashion industry was in for an Italian artisan renaissance. The brand Gucci was born only to be inspired by the Italian culture and the refined aesthetic of English nobility. Today, Gucci still possesses its’ true Italian culture and design and have kept its reign since day one. If you’ve ever owned, held, .