Six Reasons to Buy Pre-owned Limited Edition Designer Bags

Buy Limited Edition Designer Bags

Six Reasons to Buy Pre-owned Limited Edition Designer Bags

Louis Vuitton Limited Edition Cabas Charms Tote

Let’s make this short and sweet! Limited edition designer bags are always ridiculously expensive. They are a limited run of either the most gorgeous handbags you’ve ever seen, or the most hideous bag. If you’ve fallen in love with a limited edition designer handbag, we will offer you one piece of advice, along with six logical reasons to our advice. Here it goes…buy PRE-OWNED.

Don’t knock it until you’ve tried it! The number one reason why we suggest buying pre-owned limited edition designer bags is because you will save money! Now, we will say, that this may not happen with every single limited edition run, however in most cases, when you find that limited edition handbag that you’ve been dying to own, and you’ve researched the condition and felt as if it was the right time to buy, then you’re almost guaranteed to save hundreds or even thousands of dollars purchasing the bag pre-owned rather than at retail price. Here’s a perfect example:

Louis Vuitton Speedy Cubic PM

This handbag, the Louis Vuitton Speedy Cubic PM retailed for $2870.00 when it was introduced in the Spring/Summer season of 2013. Being sold as a pre-owned handbag, you can find this bag listed at for only $1895.00! This bag looks as if it was never worn, literally! It’s in such amazing condition, it’s hard to believe that you’ll be saving close to $1000.00 just by purchasing it pre-owned! Now, as we’ve said, there are instances where purchasing a pre-owned limited edition handbag may cost you more, so it’s best to do the most research on the limited edition designer bag that you want, to assure that you’re paying LESS than retail.

The second reason why we believe you should purchase a pre-owned limited edition designer bag, is because, well it’s limited edition people! It’s rare, one of a kind, a short run, not many people will own it. Aren’t those good enough reasons to purchase? How awesome would it be if all of your girlfriends became jealous of your gorgeous handbag, they had to have it, but they can’t purchase one because it is limited edition and hard to find at the right price? I’d say that’s pretty awesome, not to mention you’ll be the most unique carrying around a handbag that only a small percentage of people owned.

Third, buying a pre-owned limited edition handbag can potentially be an investment for you in the future. Designer handbags such as Chanel, or Hermes, hold their value just as a Rolex watch would. If you were to purchase a limited edition Chanel handbag, pre-owned, not only would you probably be saving a couple hundred dollars, but you would also be stacking up for the future if you decided to re-sell the handbag. Vintage and limited edition Chanel bags can be worth up to almost three times the amount of the retail price!

Chanel Python Limited Edition Gold Flap Bag

Handbags are a hot commodity in the fashion world, which is our fourth reasoning behind buying a pre-owned limited edition designer handbag. Celebrities and upscale socialites are usually the first to carry the most hottest limited edition designer handbag, almost always caught by paparazzi. If the celebrities are rocking the handbag, it must be in fashion right? Well not all the time, considering some celebrities have no fashion sense whatsoever, but celebrities such as Kim Kardashian and Rihanna have supreme fashion sense and are always rocking the hottest new designer handbag. Our fashion inspiration comes a lot from celebrities and what they wear. Everyday they are being photographed wearing the next hottest thing, which is then exploited all over the internet and social media, which then triggers our urge to have that designer handbag that they are wearing.

The fifth reason why you should own a pre-owned limited edition designer bag, is to give a handbag a second chance at life. There are so many reasons why people decide to sell their handbags, whether their in need of instant cash, or they just want to make room for more handbags. Other reasons may include, that the handbag is not suitable for their needs anymore, or they have simply outgrown the style of the handbag. Some can simply donate the handbag to charity organizations such as GoodWill, however other’s will sell the handbag and allow another individual who has been looking for that specific handbag to enjoy it’s beauty as well. Unless the bag is in unrepairable condition, why not give a limited edition bag a second change in the fashion world?

This ties in with our sixth reasoning which is individuality and style. Almost all limited edition pre-owned designer handbags are designed to WOW the viewers and possible buyers. They are unlike no other and because they are such a short production run, they are very desirable. Their styles are completely different from what you’re used to, just like this Limited Edition Louis Vuitton Owl gold cross body purse below.

Louis Vuitton Limited Edition Owl Purse

This bag is like no other Louis Vuitton bag you’re used to seeing. Although it has the iconic monogramming on the patent leather, it’s shape and design is completely different from the normal Louis Vuitton handbags that we are all too familiar with. These limited edition bags add style and individuality to any person who wears the bag. Not everyone has the same style and not everyone will fall in love with a bag like this, but that is what sets us all apart from each other. We all have our own fashion style, which is why buying pre-owned limited edition handbags are so awesome!