Sell Your Handbags for Summer Cash

Sell Your Handbags for Summer Cash

Now doesn’t that look amazing? Can you just imagine floating atop the beautiful blue waters of this tropic island paradise? The skies are bright blue, the breeze is light and airy, and the trees are fresh and green! This is the life! You could be here right now but we all know these vacations can be costly. Working six or seven days a week just to save up for your dream vacation isn’t cutting it, and you’re short cash. What do you do? Don’t beg your family for extra cash, because they will surely just look at you funny and tell you to take a hike, unless you’re taking them with you on vacation. Don’t sell your liver, or purposely not pay your bills just to rummage up some extra cash, because you’ll pay for it in the long run. So, what do you do?

Well, while you keep sitting there drooling over how amazing that cocktail looks, you could be cleaning out your closet for those designer handbags you don’t wear anymore. There’s cash in your bag! Well, maybe not IN your bag, unless you forgot that hidden twenty dollar bill. You’re gently worn luxury designer handbags are worth money! If you’re not wearing them, they are only collecting dust. Why not sell your gently worn designer handbags for cash to put towards your serene tropical getaway! Selling your handbags are simple,¬†and probably the easiest way to make quick cash. There is a beautiful boutique in South Florida, Boca Raton to be exact, called SellYourHandbag. They specialize in buying and selling gently pre-owned designer handbags and accessories. Not only do they pay top dollar for your bags, they offer a very safe selling experience.

The easiest way to know how much your bag is actually worth is by uploading detailed pictures of your handbag on their website. They have easy to use forms on their website where you can enter your e-mail address, images of your bag, and a brief description of the condition of your bag. Once you submit the form, your information goes directly to the buyers who respond almost instantly with an offer for your bag. Keep in mind they only purchase high end luxury designer brands such as Chanel, Hermes, Louis Vuitton, Gucci, Prada, Celine, Chloe, Stella McCartney and more.

So relax, they’ve got you covered for extra cash! If you’re local to their Boca Raton location, you can also stop into their boutique during business hours and sit with the buyers for a free consultation for your handbags and accessories. They offer the highest paid premiums for handbags purchased within the last two years, or if you have original box, dust bag and receipt. If you think you’re ready for summer, yet you just need that one special handbag to take along with you on your summer travels, check out SellYourHandbag’s boutique. They have the largest selection of pre-owned designer tote bags, small clutches, wallets, and every day shoulder bags.

So before summer passes you by because you couldn’t scramble up extra cash to take your special vacation, or even a “stay-vacation” where you don’t have to spend too much money and stay locally…gather your designer handbags that you don’t wear anymore, and just let them go. They need a new home, and selling them will leave you feeling refreshed with a wallet full of cash!