Password Large and In Charge

Password Large and In Charge

with guest author: Kay Ray

Have you ever owned a handbag that just simply could not hold all of your everyday essentials? Did you ever feel completely unorganized inside your handbag, where you honestly couldn’t find anything, or found things that shouldn’t even belong, say a television remote? Well, stop rummaging through that handbag of yours and check out these “large and in charge” luxury designer handbags that will just make your life so much easier.

Working full time, being a full time mother, and even attending online classes to earn my second degree, I’ve be known to have one of the messiest, unorganized handbags. Don’t get me wrong, I don’t purposely shove things in Louis Vuitton handbag, but when I my four year old daughter wants to take her My Little Pony into the super market, and decides she doesn’t want to hold it any longer; it’s only a matter of time before it ends up in my handbag. Eventually that little pony stays in there, and the next day while I am at work trying to find a pen, I come across this pony wondering how the heck it even got in there! If only I had a little more space and separate compartments in my handbag to keep myself organized, I wouldn’t have to spend over ten minutes just to even find my car keys.

I came across a few awesome rather large handbags that, in my opinion, have enough space to even hold my kitchen sink! You can never go wrong with a large handbag or tote. Just think about it, you carry your wallet, sunglasses, which you probably keep in a case, glasses if you wear any (which are also kept in a secure case), along with a make up bag, separate change purse, keys, and probably another set of keys which you don’t even know what half of those keys belong to. I always keep a light snack in my bag, headphones, a few pens, and sometimes a small notebook to jot down important things I may need to remember throughout the day. The list can go on, but these large handbags are perfect for those that, well, just carry too much crap in their handbag everyday, like me!

LV Neverfull LV-Neverfull-interior

Check out this Louis Vuitton Danier Ebene Neverfull Tote Bag! LV wasn’t kidding when they named this tote the “Neverfull” because this bag is huge! It seems as if there is a never ending amount of space, and with the drawstring sides, you can reduce or enlarge the bag to fit all of your essentials! Take this bag to the supermarket with you and you’ll never have to use those plastic or paper bags again! With a deep interior and large separate zipper compartment, you can keep everything you need on a daily basis right in front of you, easily accessible, or keep it zipped away and hidden.

Chanel Medium Grand Shopper Tote Bag Chanel Medium Shopper Tote Bag Interior

This awesome Chanel shoulder bag isn’t really “large” considering it is called a Metallic Quilted “Medium” Grand Shopper tote bag, but it has more than enough space and compartments within the interior to help you stay organized throughout your busy day! It comes with three separated compartments; two outer pocket compartments and one center large zipper for your valuables. The eggshell Satin interior is in excellent condition with no imperfections. This is a pre-owned Chanel shoulder bag, however looks just like new!

Prada Saffiano Cover Prada-inside

Are you a business woman looking for that sleek, sexy, everyday handbag that can be worn for work or play? This Prada Saffiano Lux large tote bag has everything you need. The black calfskin leather goes with everything and the Prada monogrammed canvas interior is perfect for everyday use. The canvas is waterproof and it seems as if there is an endless amount of space within the interior. Let’s also add that this bag is expandable with magnetic snaps on either side of the bag to allow for more room! Awesome, we know! In addition you’ll find two large zipper pockets on either side of the interior to hide valuable belongings. This is a beautiful handbag, well-kept in excellent condition!

Celine Saddle Phantom ToteCeline Saddle Phantom Tote Interior

Since we’re slowly moving into the autumn season, why not show off this perfect Celine Saddle Phantom Smooth Leather tote bag. This “large and in charge” handbag is the perfect commodity for a mother. Take it from someone who has a child, this tote bag is exactly what I need when I’m shopping around the mall with my little one, or taking her to the park for a picnic. There’s infinite room in this tote bag with expandable side wings, and brown suede interior. You can fit a full sized blanket, a cooler, diapers and wipes, even a laptop. Heck, you could even carry your small child in this bag, however we hope you wouldn’t. This is also a fantastic tote bag for those who attend school and want a luxury designer bag that can carry all of their books and papers. There aren’t any compartments within this bag, so being organized is all up to you, however there is one small zipper pocket, and more than enough space to carry everything you’ll possible need for a day, week, or month!

Hopefully these few luxury designer bags have given you hope to finding the perfect “Large and In Charge” handbag for your everyday needs! You can find all of these handbags discussed in this post on

Happy hunting!