Louis Vuitton Fall 2015 Prices Are Astronomical!

Louis Vuitton Fall 2015 Prices Are Astronomical!

The anticipation of the Louis Vuitton Fall 2015 collection has finally arrived for purchase but before you just jump into your car and head over to your Louis Vuitton store or click buy on their website, we strongly suggest you take a look at the prices. Yes the new Fall 2015 collection is absolutely gorgeous and the head creative director for Louis Vuitton,¬†Nicolas Ghesquiere has done a pretty amazing job putting together a collection of abstract textiles and color schemes, however the prices of these bags are just jaw dropping. Louis Vuitton is known to have annual price increases, but the prices of the Fall collection just make us want to turn our heads to other luxury designer brands such as Chanel, Saint Laurent or Valentino. After reading comment after comment of Louis Vuitton fans regarding the prices of this Fall’s handbag collection, it’s evident that the prices are turning potential customers away to other brands.

This Petite Malle Croisiere is a similar spin on the Monogram Malle just with a bright twist and cowhide leather trim. This is actually a pretty versatile bag, as it acts as a clutch, small shoulder bag or can be worn cross body as well. Its’ well structured silhouette can be worn day to night. Compared to the Monogram Malle which is priced around $5200, this Malle Croisiere is priced at a high of $6600! Who would have thought that a little POP of color could cost you an additional $1400! We get it, it’s a hot little clutch and a total must have, but you could easily save hundreds to even thousands of dollars waiting to own this clutch, and purchasing it pre-owned. It’s true! There are thousands of people out there that purchase these Louis Vuitton bags, spending a fortunate only to wear it once or twice, and then end up selling it for less because they can’t return it for a refund at the Louis Vuitton store. That is your chance to own the bag of your dreams without spending a fortune!

Nicolas Ghesquiere introduced the Malletage pattern in his first collection for the Louis Vuitton house, and we see it here in this gorgeous Carmine Dora Mini purse. The beauty comes with a hefty price tag, listed at $4150.00! Keep in mind, this is a “mini” fashioned in soft lambskin leather with¬†a beautiful dimensional effect, but still, way over priced for the size and still another bag you could wait for to purchase pre-owned for way less than the retail price.

We might as well be showing you a picture of an Hermes Birkin bag, because this Louis Vuitton Twist MM Crocodile costs just about as much as an Hermes. This bright green Crocodile Twist MM, part of the Fall 2015 collection, is priced at nearly $32,500! No, really, we aren’t even making this up. This small little shoulder bag, made of genuine crocodile leather is basically worth a new Lexus. We understand that it’s crocodile skin, and although we aren’t too fond of the videos that have been surfacing of the crocodile farms that Hermes currently owns, and the horrific massacres of the poor crocodiles, we still have to say this is a beautiful bag and only wish it was made of a crocodile that has died of natural causes. Let’s be honest, we are pretty sure there will be several celebrities carrying this bag, just like the Birkin bag, but at this price, it’s not worth carrying the bag once or twice just to “show off.” Finding this bag on the second market is way more cost effective for you and your wallet.

So let’s think realistically for a moment, we are loving these new Louis Vuitton Fall 2015 collection bags, but the prices are just astronomical! Within two years, these bags will be hundreds or thousands of dollars less purchased second hand, so why not wait, right? Resale boutiques such as SellYourHandbag in Boca Raton, Florida offer luxury designer handbags and accessories, gently worn, for way less than retail and you’re bound to find some of the hottest newest handbags that were released two years or older! If you can buy a car certified pre-owned, then why not a handbag. Buying from a trusted boutique, like SellYourHandbag, can give you the assurance that you’re purchasing an authentic designer handbag, while saving cash in your wallet. What’s not to love about that fact? Prices for these Louis Vuitton bags are only going to increase as prices for material increases as well, so the best option in buying a new luxury designer handbag such as one of these new Fall 2015 Louis Vuitton bags, is to purchase them pre-owned. Be sure to check out SellYourHandbag.com for awesome deals on Louis Vuitton handbags and accessories.