Prada double Bag Saffiano Lux

Prada Saffiano Cuir Double Bag Blue and Red Large Tote Bag

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Prada Saffiano Cuir Double Bag Blue and Red Large Tote Bag

Double Bag Tote
Saffiano Calfskin Rolled Handles: Drop: 5.5″
15.25″ x 7.25″ x 11″
Materials Blue Saffiano Calfskin Leather Exterior
Hardware & Lining
Golden Brass Hardware, Red Napa Leather Lining
Interior 1 Central Pocket Compartment
Exterior No Pockets, No Zippers
Closure No Closure
Additional Info This bag is expandable with snap gusset sides. Comes with Prada dust bag.
Condition This┬áPrada Saffiano Cuir Double Bag Blue and Red Large Tote Bag is in good condition. There are many visible signs of wear on this bag, however with a proper cleaning, the bag can look amazing! On the front of this Prada bag you will notice several white stains, scratches in the leather, and visible scuff marks. There are three noticeable scratches on the front panel of the bag near the bottom which is pictures in the listing. White stains can be seen in the top left corner, in the bottom center and mid right side of the front panel as well. On the front of the bag you can see the signature Prada logo and a hanging luggage tag. The luggage tag has visible stains on the front and back of the tag. When you turn the bag to the right side, you will notice that this bag is expandable with golden brass snap gussets. When you open the snap you will see a white scratch in the leather near the crease of the bag. Turn the bag to the back and you will see a few stress marks in the leather towards the bottom left corner. Minor, faint white spots on the center on the back panel, which look as if they can be cleaned off with proper care. If you look on the handles you will notice each side of the handle has a large scuff mark/scratch on the leather, which is also pictured in the listing. The rest of the actual handle is in good condition and shows no discoloration from use. The handles have a drop of 5.5 inches. As you turn the bag to the opposite side, you will not notice any visible wear, scratches or stains. Flip the bag over to view the bottom panel of this Prada bag and you will notice the four golden brass feet. The feet are in great condition but do show scratches on each foot from use. You will notice several white stains on the bottom of the bag as well as a visible scratch in the shape of an “X” on the bottom panel of the bag. Each corner shows some sort of wear. There are large scuff marks on the bottom corners of the bag, however no visible rips or tears are shown on this bag. There is no actual closure for this bag so when you open the top, you can see the beautifully bright red Napa leather interior with the central blue leather pocket compartment which separates your belongings. The interior has some signs of wear, starting with a visible pen mark on the very top trim of the bag. There are also visible white scattered stains on the walls of the interior. A slight scratch can be seen on the exterior of the central pocket compartment. The pocket compartment is in excellent condition with no visible pen marks, make up stains or foul odors. Faint scratches can also be seen on the very bottom surface of the interior of this Prada bag. With a very light and proper cleaning this Prada bag can look like new! Comes with original dust bag! Don’t pass up the opportunity to own this awesome, colorful, tote that will keep you super organized and in style! Buy it now or make us your best offer!