Chanel multi row pearl belt

Chanel Vintage Multi Row Pearl Dangle Belt


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Chanel Vintage Multi Row Pearl Dangle Belt

39″ in length
Hardware Golden Brass Hardware
Closure Hook Closure
Pearl Size Pearls are approximately 11.85mm each
Condition You’re viewing this vintage┬áChanel Multi Row Pearl Dangle Belt. This beautiful pearl belt is perfect for casual or formal wear. The pearls measure approximately 11.85mm each and have been kept in good condition throughout the years. There are some visible scratches on pearls that may have been close to the hook clasp when worn. The golden brass hardware shows visible tarnish and minor scratches. This belt is 39″ in length and can be adjusted shorter. Visible green markings can be found near the coils along the hardware and some of the thread is fraying between the knots. If you’re a Chanel lover, then you must add this to your collection! Don’t pass up the opportunity to own this beautiful Chanel multi row pearl belt. Buy it now or make us your best offer.