Top Ten Affordable Resort Handbags

Top 10 Affordable Resort Handbags  The skies are clear, the winds a blowing, and your excitement for a summer vacation has got your palms sweaty and a permanent smile on your face. Packing for a vacation is frustrating no matter how long you’re away. It’s important to make a list of exactly what you’ll need for your trip away from home. You’ve got your outfits, bikinis, a couple pairs of sandals, flats and a .


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Never Pay Full Price for an Hermes Bag

Never Pay Full Price for an Hermes Bag That’s right! We said it! Never pay full price for a Hermes bag! It’s all about buying pre-owned these days, and saving cash in your pocket. Hermes is probably one of a few luxury designer brands that focus on the simplicity, quality and structure of their bags and accessories. Their jewelry stands apart from others with their bold prints and bright colors. Their scarves, made of .

Sell Designer Handbags-Boca Raton

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Menspiration: Louis Vuitton Father’s Day Gifts

Menspiration: Louis Vuitton Father’s Day Gifts Sunday, June 21st is Father’s Day!! Mark your calendars and don’t forget to celebrate all of the amazing things your father has done for you! Father’s everywhere, no matter if they are your biological or just a father figure, deserve some awesome gifts that day! It’s quite sad to know that some Father’s are not here with us, but we can always keep their presence with us at .

Sell Your Handbags for Summer Cash

Sell Your Handbags for Summer Cash Now doesn’t that look amazing? Can you just imagine floating atop the beautiful blue waters of this tropic island paradise? The skies are bright blue, the breeze is light and airy, and the trees are fresh and green! This is the life! You could be here right now but we all know these vacations can be costly. Working six or seven days a week just to save up .

Best Bag Bargains of June 2015!

Best Bag Bargains of June 2015! Look no further for the best handbag bargains of June! Stop driving from store to store looking for the perfect handbag for the best price, and look right here! We’ve put together the best bag bargains for every style handbag! Looking for that perfect luxury designer tote for cheap? Well we’ve found it! Stop shopping at high end retailers that will drain every penny out of your wallet! Buying .

Tote Take Down: Celine Phantom Vs. Prada East West

Tote Take Down: Celine Phantom Vs. Prada East West  It’s a total “Tote Take Down! “ today and we’re here battling between two iconic luxury designer handbags; the Celine Phantom Luggage tote and the Prada East West Studded tote! These two gorgeous totes are similar in structure and design, yet different in so many ways! You might be familiar with the Celine Phantom tote thanks to the Kardashian clan and their totes in numerous .

Chanel Caviar vs. Chanel Lambskin

Chanel Caviar vs. Chanel Lambskin Chanel Caviar and Chanel Lambskin are two iconic staples that have grasped much attention from Chanel fans and fashionistas worldwide. Chanel has reigned in the fashion industry for using the highest quality leathers, which is why their bags and accessories are so luxurious.  Whether used in the timeless flap bag or in a Chanel wallet, both the Caviar and Lambskin leathers have both pros and cons when it comes to .

Louis Vuitton Says ByeBye to Damier Pattern

Louis Vuitton Says ByeBye to Damier Pattern According to Women’s Wear Daily, WWD, the luxury designer fashion house, Louis Vuitton, has been given some unpleasant news regarding their Damier, checkerboard pattern. They will no longer recover the trademark associated with the checkerboard pattern! The European Union General’s Court has thrown out the law suit in recovering this pattern, and has been a huge blow for LV! The dismissal of the suit has ordered Louis .