Chanel Classic Flap vs. Chanel le Boy Bag

Chanel Classic Flap vs. Chanel le Boy Bag



The two most popular style Chanel bags go head to head in this youtube video as we teamed up with Seth from Boca Raton Pawn to discuss the similarities and differences between the Chanel classic flap and the Chanel le Boy bag! Check out this informative yet blooper-filled video as we enlighten you about these two Chanel bags.

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The easiest similarity between the two bags is the chain included within the shoulder strap. You’ll notice this similarity throughout many Chanel style handbags. Though the chains are different in style, they both include the mixture of hardware and leather. The Classic flap is well known for it’s intertwined leather and either silver tone chain or gold tone chain. The older, vintage Chanel flap bags came with mostly gold tone hardware, as the newer models come with the silver hardware. With the le Boy bag, you have a stretch of leather which is used as comfort for your shoulder, and the rest of the strap is the chain. Both bags allow you to wear the straps in multiple ways, such as doubled up to bring the bag closer to your hip under your arm, or pulled as a long shoulder strap, and if long enough, can be worn cross body.

The next similarity is the front flap. Both bags had a front flap which contain a clasp which opens to the interior. The classic flap has a quilted curved front flap with the interlocking “C” twist lock closure, which the Chanel le Boy has a more structured, squared flap with a double push lock closure. Both closures are very well known to Chanel fans.

The next similarity is the size. Both the classic and le boy come in a variety of similar sizes. Though their dimensions may be similar, their interior compartments and space differentiates. The Classic flap bag comes in small, medium, large, jumbo and maxi while the le Boy comes in small, medium, new medium and large. There are also mini versions of the Classic flap and the le boy, however you may see the mini le boy with a top handle and the classic mini as a special limited edition bag.

Chanel Silver Quilted Leather Boy Bag


The easiest difference that you can feel between the two bags is the overall structure. The Chanel le Boy bag has a stiffer and more “squared” structure compared to the Classic flap. The classic flap mainly comes in either Lambskin or Caviar leather, however Chanel has also debuted several limited edition flap bags in various fabrics and designs. The le Boy usually comes in a patent leather however this past season has introduced a mesh and resin design, as well as a sheepskin and velvet options. The le Boy bag is also much heavier due to the thick Ruthenium braided chain and overall hardware added to the bag.

As the Chanel classic flap has two interior flaps, one large back pocket, a front pocket compartment, a zipper underneath the top flap, a hidden interior rear pocket compartment and then your main compartment containing two small pockets, there is definitely more organization and space in the Classic compared to the Boy Bag which only has one main compartment with usually contains one or pocket small pockets.

Chanel Navy Flap Bag Boca Raton

Price Points

The Chanel Classic Flap has reigned as the best investment, better than real estate. The Classic bag ranges in price, new, from $4700-$6000, and pretty much holds a similar range for pre-owned Classic flaps, $4200-5000, depending upon the condition. The Chanel le Boy ranges from $3500-$5200 and though the le Boy is still considered a newer model for Chanel, it’s popularity has increased greatly due to the more modern and casual design of the bag.

Which Bag Would I Purchase?

In my opinion, I would purchase the Chanel le Boy bag, due to it’s more casual and modern style and the thick hardware adds more of a “hardcore, badass” vibe to the bag. Though for investment purposes and resale, the Chanel Classic Flap is surely the way to go. The Classic flap has been on the market since 1955 and if a simple handbag like the Classic flap can reign luxury for well over 60 years, then there’s no stopping this bag in the future!