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Sell your Chanel handbags and accessories in Boca Raton! Chanel handbags have long reigned the top list of popular handbags and accessories. We have the largest selection of Chanel handbags ranging from Coco’s signature flap bag, to fold over wallets, to vintage finds and jewelry. Gabrielle Bonheur Chanel was born in 1883 but claims she was born in 1893 to make herself seem ten years younger. Coco lived with her unmarried mother up until the passing of her mother where Chanel was then sent to live with her father and 4 other siblings. Her father, having farmed off his children to different relatives, sent Chanel to live in an orphanage of the Catholic monastery of Aubazine where she then learned the trade of a seamstress. This was the moment that sparked the birth of a fashion genius and mogul for years to come. It was in 1908 where Chanel had started her venture in the fashion world by designing and creating hats while being the mistress of an ex-military officer and textile heir named Etienne Balsan. Today Chanel has mastered the fashion industry with her structured silhouettes and feminine lines, bold prints and textures, and chic, yet classical timeless accessories and handbags.

The Diamond Chanel Bags

Though there may be many fashion designers out there, most people have come to recognize Chanel as a standard for quality. They have been creating many different kinds of fashion bags for people who are looking for top of line options. It is no surprise that some of the top fashion shops in the world have been featuring these bags for some time now. If you would be interested in getting these lines for .