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Sell your Chanel handbags and accessories in Boca Raton! Chanel handbags have long reigned the top list of popular handbags and accessories. We have the largest selection of Chanel handbags ranging from Coco’s signature flap bag, to fold over wallets, to vintage finds and jewelry. Gabrielle Bonheur Chanel was born in 1883 but claims she was born in 1893 to make herself seem ten years younger. Coco lived with her unmarried mother up until the passing of her mother where Chanel was then sent to live with her father and 4 other siblings. Her father, having farmed off his children to different relatives, sent Chanel to live in an orphanage of the Catholic monastery of Aubazine where she then learned the trade of a seamstress. This was the moment that sparked the birth of a fashion genius and mogul for years to come. It was in 1908 where Chanel had started her venture in the fashion world by designing and creating hats while being the mistress of an ex-military officer and textile heir named Etienne Balsan. Today Chanel has mastered the fashion industry with her structured silhouettes and feminine lines, bold prints and textures, and chic, yet classical timeless accessories and handbags.

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Last Minute Valentine’s Day Gifts

Last Minute Valentine’s Day Gifts Still having trouble figuring out what you could get your girlfriend, wife, mother or friend for Valentine’s Day? Don’t fret because we’ve got you covered! Our fashionable, knowledgable and creative team at SellYourHandbag has put together some of the most beautiful gift ideas for the “woman who has it all already.” Valentine’s Day is not only a day to show your passion for another individual, or even your dog. .

Best Designer Wallets To Hold Your CASH

Best Designer Wallets To Hold Your CASH The holidays have come and gone, and you’re left with more cash and more gift cards than your wallet can hold! It’s time to upgrade into that designer wallet that will keep you organized and stress free as you shop your money away! We have the best wallets for those fashionistas, the organizer addict, the credit card hoarder, and the coin collector! Any style, any size,  and .

Out With The Old, In With The New

Out With The Old, In With The New It’s time to sell your designer handbags! Don’t let them sit in your closet collecting dust. Stop waiting for your handbags to come back in style, when you can sell it for cash! Selling your gently used designer handbag not only makes space for new ones, you’re also giving another person the chance to experience the beauty your handbag has to offer! Now that’s an awesome .

Throwback Chanel Handbags

Throwback Chanel Handbags Bring vintage back this holiday season with some of Chanel’s most exquisite vintage designs. Today we’ve found the best priced vintage Chanel handbags you’ll fall head over heels for! Be the one to make a bold impression on New Year’s Eve with a stunning little black dress and a vintage Chanel upon your shoulder! Turn heads while bringing in the new year with vintage style and class at a super affordable .

Festive Flap Bags

Festive Flap Bags To spread some holiday cheer, we’ve found the best designer flap bags for the best prices! Flap bags are those particular handbags that never go out of style. Not only are they stylish but they are easy to use, lightweight and totally chic. Buying a handbag for the holidays, whether for yourself or a loved one, can be simple and  easy as 1-2-3 with our guide to the best priced luxury .

The Hottest Pre-Owned Chanel Handbags & Accessories

The Hottest Pre-Owned Chanel Handbags & Accessories      Look no further for your pre-owned Chanel handbags. We’ve got you covered! Why spend fortunes on luxury designer handbags when you can own a pre-owned one in almost new condition for nearly half of the retail price! Luxury designer brand handbags are similar to Rolex watches, as they keep their value over time and if kept in excellent condition, can be worth a lot of money! .

Chanel Picks Flowers in Spring 2015

Chanel Picks Flowers in Spring 2015 Flowers in the Spring could not be any more perfect. The beautiful blossoming of the Cherry Blossoms, and the glorious colors of Lady Slippers and Daisies growing in a field of green is simply bliss. What about the abstract, crazy, unique patterns of floral prints on the new Chanel Resort handbags for Spring 2015? Now that is a sight to see! Chanel has come a long way with .

Designer Handbags Keep High Value Through Multiple Owners

The driving force for the company Sell Your Handbag to have enjoyed amazing success for over two generations is that our product, high end luxury handbags, increase with value as time marches on if they have been maintained in the condition they deserve. The same principle occurs with find musical instruments which were created with precision and quality in their inception, well cared for, and continued to grow in value until they become valued .

Structured Handbags

A good structured handbag can be the perfect addition to any wardrobe and knowing what structured styles there are to choose from can be very helpful. There are four basic styles and each is as unique as the last. Knowing a bit about these four styles can help you choose which style is right for you and your wardrobe. 1. Tote- the tote is a very square bag that is great for every day .