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Sell Gucci Boca Raton, Gucci is a subsidiary of PPR and is a consumer goods industry. The headquarters are located in Florence, Italy which is also where “House of Gucci” (Commonly known just as Gucci) was founded. The founder of Gucci was Guccio Gucci who established the company is 1921. Some of the products that Gucci is well known for is Fragrances, Clothing and of course leather goods. James Franco is a famous Spokesperson for the mens fragrance Gucci by Gucci. Other celebrities that love to endorse Gucci on the red carpet are Robert Pattinson from the Twilight Saga’s, Singer/Songwriter Florence Welch and Actress Jessica Biel.

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Buy Today, Take Your Time To Pay in Boca Raton Honestly, is there anything better than taking home the designer handbag of your dreams today, and taking your time to pay it off? Now this can come true for you because you can click Buy IT NOW on SellYourHandbag’s website and select PayPal Credit to receive No Payments, No Interest if paid within 6 months on any handbag or accessory over $99.00! There’s no .

Designer Denim Bags for your Fall Wardrobe

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Designer Denim Bags for your Fall Wardrobe The denim craze is back and in full force this fall season! You’ll see denim paired with leggings, mixed denim, colored denim, denim pants, shirts, socks, shoes, and handbags! Denim is and will always be IN fashion, but this season we’re taking it to an extreme. Check out these adorable, affordable, designer denim bags that you must have for your fall wardrobe! This petite Louis Vuitton Pleaty .

Hottest Pre-owned Designer Handbags for Spring

Hottest Pre-owned Designer Handbags for Spring Though the winter snow still falls across the north as we near mid February, we have to be prepared for the Spring, which who knows when it will arrive! This spring, it’s not about what handbag you carry, however it is about HOW you carry it! The three major trends emerging this Spring contain bucket bags, saddle bags, and hand held handbags. Designers such as Louis Vuitton, Fendi, .

Which Gucci Is Right For You?

Which Gucci Is Right For You? When Guccio Gucci established his leather goods and luggage store in Florence, Italy in 1921, the fashion industry was in for an Italian artisan renaissance. The brand Gucci was born only to be inspired by the Italian culture and the refined aesthetic of English nobility. Today, Gucci still possesses its’ true Italian culture and design and have kept its reign since day one. If you’ve ever owned, held, .

Top 5 Fashion Lines for Luxury Handbags

In the luxury goods market, handbags are one of the most coveted items due to their desirability and visibility. Women prefer access to luxury handbags because of their wide recognition and strong performance. There are a few brand names that stand out above the others for global luxury consumers. Here are the top five fashion lines that offer the most premium brands for luxury handbags. Chanel. A popular favorite among royalty and dignitaries, Chanel .

Designer Handbags Keep High Value Through Multiple Owners

The driving force for the company Sell Your Handbag to have enjoyed amazing success for over two generations is that our product, high end luxury handbags, increase with value as time marches on if they have been maintained in the condition they deserve. The same principle occurs with find musical instruments which were created with precision and quality in their inception, well cared for, and continued to grow in value until they become valued .

5 Tips to Finding a Bargain on Used Luxury Handbags

Luxury at a Discount As the luxury handbag joins the global multibillion dollar market as another exclusive niche, the desire for such fashion items is creating an active secondary market for used high-end bags. As with premium watches, automobiles and other tokens of financial strength, the demand for such accoutrements often creates a market used and pre-owned versions. If you are one of those who wishes to own a luxury handbag at a discount, .

5 Types of Luxury Handbags and Purses

A recent post on the Robin Report asks, “Why are Handbags so Important?” The female author of the post asking the question answered it with a number of reasons, including functionality, self-expression, accessorizing, and, of course, serving as a status symbol. In fact, it was noted both L’il Kim and Martha Stewart carried Birkins during their time in court before heading to jail. Whether your handbag is any or all of these to you, .

Handbag Wardrobe Staples

Handbags are fun. They are the natural extension of an outfit and can be considered an accessory in the same way that a necklace or a ring can. But many women carry the same handbag with everything, choosing to match it with their coat, if at all. Switching handbags out with outfits is a way to add style to a casual ensemble and function to a formal one. Here are some ideas for switching .

Gucci Handbags: A History

Gucci found its start in 1920 as a leather handbag brand after Guccio Gucci became enamored with train travel luggage he saw urban travelers using in Europe. When Guccio returned back to his family home of Florence, he was determined to open his own leather bag business based on his observations. The Gucci line of leather handbags with classic design and features became a desired product. With the success of the company early on, .