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Christian Dior was founded by no other than Christian Dior himself. This company was started in 1947, Paris, France. This company is widely known for its authentic handbags, cosmetics and Parfums. One of the celebrities that has been a spokesperson for Dior for years now is Charlize Theron. She is seen in numerous commercials flaunting her chanel handbags and clothing while spritzing herself with J’adore Dior Fragrance.

Designer Handbags Keep High Value Through Multiple Owners

The driving force for the company Sell Your Handbag to have enjoyed amazing success for over two generations is that our product, high end luxury handbags, increase with value as time marches on if they have been maintained in the condition they deserve. The same principle occurs with find musical instruments which were created with precision and quality in their inception, well cared for, and continued to grow in value until they become valued .