Hilary Duff Handbags Style

At the tender age of 25, Hilary Duff is already an American success story. She was born a Texan in 1987 and was raised in the Houston area . She began her amazing climb to success by acting in local theater and TV commercials. It did not take long for her career to soar. Her success is not only due to good looks.

Hilary is the epitome of a multi-talented person. Her brand of dance club music has her listed as selling at least 13 million albums. Currently, she has quite successfully completed four worldwide concert tours. In addition to her musical talent, Hilary has also shared her creativity with two sets of novels for young adults written in a series.

If acting, singing and writing aren’t enough, add entrepreneur to the long list of Hilary’s talents. She has her own line of clothing and has two perfume collections sponsored by Elizabeth Arden. She graces the world of fashion each time the paparazzi captures her while wearing her vast collection of luxury handbags.

Prada Fairy Bag

Hilary waves for the paparazzi in a funky, yet tasteful outfit of summer stripes and white. She is wearing a Prada Fairy Bag that compliments the outfit in a whimsical and fun way. The Fairy Bag is a limited edition of Prada bags likely to become collectors items.

Classic Louis Vuitton

Hilary was spotted with a Louis Vuitton handbag in Vuitton’s signature design. She wore the bag on a routine trip to the hairdresser. This handbag makes a statement for the stable, reliable side of her personality

Balenciaga Motorcycle Bag

The outfit that Hilary has put together to wear with a black leather Balenciaga Motorcycle Bag truly reflects her creative nature. She dons a black fedora and black leather and wool sweater that tends to label her as part writer, part rocker and part entrepreneur, which is exactly who she is.

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