Louis Vuitton Cherry Mini Lin Monogram Agenda Planner with Address Book

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Louis Vuitton Cherry Mini Lin Monogram Agenda Planner with Address Book

Louis Vuitton
Agenda Planner Book
5.75″ in Height x 4.25″ in Length x 1″ in Width
Cherry Mini Lin Canvas
Compartments Three Card Holders and 1 Front Pocket Compartment
2006 Agenda Diary, 5″ Ruler, LV Motif Stickers, World Maps
Phone Book and Back Pocket Compartment
Closure Fold Over Button Snap
Condition This Louis Vuitton Cherry Mini Lin Monogram Agenda Planner with Address Book is in good condition. This Agenda comes with a Diary from 2006. The Diary will have to be replaced to a current year. The exterior of this planner is Cherry Mini Lin Monogram Canvas with a fold over button snap. There are some imperfections on the canvas such as yellow stains on the front flap closure, and corners of the planner, which can be seen in some pictures in the listing. There are no rips or tears on the mini lin canvas. When you open the planner, you will see the burgundy canvas interior with the 2006 Diary planner locked into the gold tone rings. The Planner opens and closes properly with no broken pieces. There are three card compartments and one side pocket compartment behind the front flap, and one back pocket compartment which contains the Address Book. Within the 2006 Diary you will notice that some of the bottom edges of the pages are torn from use. There is a 5 inch ruler visible in the center of the Diary, world maps, LV motif stickers, black note pages, and the 2006 calendar. The calendar will need to be replaced to a current year. On the burgundy canvas, you will notice minor white marks on the back pocket of the planner. The white marks look as if they can be removed if cleaned off properly. This planner comes with an address book which is stored in the back pocket compartment. This Agenda is the perfect size to store and carry around in your handbag on a daily basis. This is the perfect little planner to keep you organized year round. Buy this awesome Louis Vuitton Agenda Planner now or make us your best offer! Makes a great gift!