Louis Vuitton Blue Lussac Epi Leather Shoulder Bag

Louis Vuitton Blue Epi Lussac Large Leather Shoulder Bag


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Louis Vuitton Blue Epi Lussac Large Leather Shoulder Bag

Louis Vuitton
Blue Leather Shoulder Straps
Drop: 10.5″
15″ x 5″ x 12″
Blue Epi Leather, Brass Hardware
Interior Blue micro suede Interior lining, 1 Large Pocket, 1 Zipper Compartment
Exterior No Pockets, No Zippers
Closure Bi-directional Brass Zipper
Condition You are viewing this beautiful┬áLouis Vuitton Blue Epi Lussac Large Leather Shoulder Bag. This shoulder bag has some visible signs of wear which can be seen in the pictures listed. On the exterior of the bag, you will notice several scuff marks, scratches in the Epi leather, and visible stains. Along the edges of the bag where the zipper is visible, you’ll notice cracking in the piping and white scuff marks. There is a large spot on the front and back of the back of the bag, near the top opening, where you can see visible wear to the Epi leather, shown in the pictures. Minute scratches can be seen in the leather throughout the bag as well. As you look towards the bottom trim, you’ll see scuff marks, white stains, and scratches which are noticeable all around the bag and on the bottom panel of the bag as well. On the bottom panel there is also a small tear in the epi leather. On the back panel of the bag, there is a black mark towards the top left corner. This Louis Vuitton bag has comfortable blue leather shoulder straps with a drop of 10.5 inches. This bag rests under your arm at your waist comfortably. The handles are in good condition with some wear to the piping which can be seen in the pictures listed. The bidirectional brass zipper works properly and opens to the blue micro suede interior lining. The interior contains one pocket compartment and one zipper compartment. There are some visible stains on the lining, however no rips or tears. The bottom of the interior may need to be vacuumed out. The large pocket compartment has some stretch due to use. There is also a loose thread on the zipper compartment. The interior is free of any foul odors. This beautiful blue Lussac leather bag is perfect for every day use and can be yours for less than retail. Buy this┬áLouis Vuitton Blue Epi Lussac Large Leather Shoulder Bag now or make us your best offer!