Hermes 100% Silk Mon Ami Pierrot Multicolor Scarf

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Hermes 100% Silk Mon Ami Pierrot Multicolor Scarf

Dimensions 36″ x 36″
100% Silk
Pattern 4 Different Faces hidden behind 4 Detailed Hand Fans, playing cards, 4 Guitars, Ribbons, Flowers, a Candle Stick, and a pair of Vintage Shoes
“Mon Ami Pierrot” translates to “My Friend Pierrot”
Condition This Hermes 100% Silk Mon Ami Pierrot Multicolor Scarf is in excellent condition. This is a beautiful Hermes scarf with so much detail, you’ll be staring at it for hours finding something new hdiden within each image. This scarf is made up of 100% silk. There are no rips, tears, or large imperfections on this scarf. There is one very small line which may be a slight stain on the yellow border of the scarf which can be seen in the picture listed. No stains or discoloration marks are visible on this scarf. This scarf also shows just a few very small pulls in the silk close to the stitching along the edges, however it is difficult to see unless up close. Scarf may need to be dry cleaned to smooth out crease lines due to folding. This scarf is perfect to wear in many different ways. Goes with just about anything due to all of the beautiful colors within the design. Buy this scarf now or make us your best offer!