Hermes 100% Silk Jumping Horses Scarf

Hermes 100% Silk Jumping Horses Scarf


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Hermes 100% Silk Jumping Horses Scarf

Dimensions 36″ x 36″
100% Silk
Pattern Navy, Red, White, Brown and Gold Jumping Horses and Saddle Pattern
Condition This Hermes 100% Silk Jumping Horses Scarf is in great condition. This beautiful Hermes Jumping Horses scarf has beautiful detail. There are visible stains on this scarf. You will see two dark streaks in the center of the scarf, which appear to be make up stains; can be seen in the pictures listed. No cleaning was attempted on this scarf. There is also one visible yellowish circular stain on the white part of the silk scarf which resembles a coffee stain. There are no runs, rips or tears on this scarf. This scarf has neutral brown and gold colors as well as beautiful navy blue and red color details which can be worn throughout the year. This scarf is 36 inches by 36 inches. Buy this Hermes scarf now or make us your best offer! Perfect accessory for your Hermes bag!


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